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MailChimp continues to make news with a new partnership with ecommerce software provider PrestaShop PHOTO: Sergey Bakhvalov

MailChimp is on a roll. Two months ago, it started offering its marketing automation tools for free. Now it's offering ecommerce solution PrestaShop consumers free integration with MailChimps marketing tools.

Paris-based PrestaShop is a free, open source ecommerce solution. The software is published under the Open Software License (OSL).

Blending Ecommerce and Marketing Automation

Sean Cook, VP of Marketing at Atlanta-based MailChimp, told CMSWire the “direct integration between platforms” means people who are already making free use of the PrestaShop ecommerce platform now can take advantage of all the functionality MailChimp provides for ecommerce.

In fact, just about everything a small-to-medium enterprise might want to set up an online retail store along with the marketing know-how to make it a success, is included with this integration.

It should be noted that just because it is free, doesn’t mean it's offering watered-down functionality. The features MailChimp brings to PrestaShop are the same as those offered to any MailChimp partner:

“It’s the same functionality. We work to provide the same rich feature-set to all our ecommerce platform partners,” said Cook.

MailChimp With PrestaShop

The new partnership will make it possible for PrestaShope customers to surface real, relevant, meaningful marketing data in MailChimp such as product recommendations or abandoned cart functionality.

In addition to this, PrestaShop customers will also be able to use their existing customer lists in MailChimp to run advertising campaigns on Instagram and Facebook to reach existing and potential customers.

According to Cook, customers who ran Facebook ads using MailChimp email lists have seen 51 percent higher ROI than those who use interest targeting alone. Cook explained:

“MailChimp now incorporates three different marketing channels: email, Facebook and Instagram, taking us closer to becoming a holistic ecommerce marketing platform for millions of small businesses.

“We’re always looking to expand our partnerships with the ecommerce platforms around the world. PrestaShop is an impressive platform with a wide reach and a great partner network.”

Cook added that with this integration, PrestaShop enables sellers to have more meaningful and specialized conversations with their customers — allowing them to be more present, more relevant, timelier and more engaging.

Spreading the MailChimp Message

The benefits of this partnership for PrestaShop are obvious, but what about MailChimp? Cook said this is simply about spreading the MailChimp message:

“It’s not really about the benefit for MailChimp, but rather about doing great things for our customers and the ones we share with PrestaShop.

“We are always interested in things that increase efficiency and help grow brands and believe strongly that this partnership with PrestaShop will help our shared customers and our shared prospects grow their businesses."

For PrestaShop users, the addition of MailChimp is a massive advantage. It enables organizations to save resources by automating things that sellers would otherwise have to set up manually. It also lets sellers engage customers in conversations and reach them via automated ads or emails.

Cook said MailChimp will continue to expand into other channels and bring deeper functionality to the product to help ecommerce companies grow their businesses, grow their brands and ultimately sell more stuff.