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Gloat announced today that its new Career Agility and frontline employee products are now available as part of the New York-based HR tech company's portfolio of product offerings.

Career Agility aims to help businesses work with employees on their long-term career goals. Instead of relying on traditional job architectures, Gloat uses artificial intelligence to map basic skills, interests and job information and generate multiple career options for every employee. According to Gloat, the software's artificial intelligence works to identify changes in job-specific requirements and new emerging roles, adjusting its recommendations accordingly and giving employees the opportunity to seek out and discover new roles within their organization.

Employees will have access to personalized career options based on the employee's skills and interests, called Career Paths. Grouped into "popular," "desired" and "management," Gloat looks to categorize the different options available to employees. Career Agility also outlines the skill and experience gaps an employee must bridge to transition into that role, and where they can access learning or project opportunities to help them progress. These development opportunities can be self curated by the employee, or directed by managers to suit their development needs.

"We're amidst a talent revolution right now," said Ben Reuveni, CEO of Gloat, in a press release statement. "The 'Great Resignation' is signaling that traditional career ladders and traditional development models aren't working, and employees lack support to navigate the career journey within their organizations today."

Along with these offerings, Gloat is also debuting new products for frontline workers. According to Gloat, employees in these roles have the same desire for growth and opportunity, but they often encounter connectivity barriers and job-specific time constraints. As part of this product release, frontline workers will now be included in Gloat's Talent Marketplace platform, introducing these workers to micro-learning and on-the-job shadowing opportunities, all accessible while mobile.

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