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If your current version of SharePoint is working just fine, why consider a move to SharePoint 2016? Here are four reasons PHOTO: Petras Gagilas

When advised to upgrade to SharePoint 2016, many executives ask the same question:

“My current version is working just fine, why should we jump to the 2016 version?”

Let’s try to address that question. 

Any time a company contemplates investing in a new technology, they need to closely evaluate the pros and cons, the costs and benefits and ultimately, the return on investment the solution will provide.

As in any industry, “new” is not always “better.” But SharePoint 2016 is definitely an improvement over every previous version. Here are just four of the benefits:

  1. Higher productivity
  2. Improved performance
  3. Better data control
  4. Seamless user experience

4 Reasons to Move to SharePoint 2016

Let's take a look at the new features and capabilities delivering these benefits. Below is a look at a few of the features that set SharePoint 2016 apart:

1. Higher Productivity Features

Getting more done with fewer clicks will always prove beneficial for a business. Three new features in SharePoint 2016 support this by bringing you mobility and convenience:

  1. Mobile Synchronization and the Touch-Friendly Interface give users the ability to navigate SharePoint and get things done on all smart devices. This helps your team work and collaborate from anywhere.
  2. Durable Links means the links you share stay functional regardless of any changes made to the documents. With this capability, you only link once.
  3. Site Folders display all the pages and libraries you follow, giving you access to files from one centralized place, regardless of their respective locations.

Any time you spend evaluating the positive impact of these features is time well invested. Depending on the workflows you have in place, you may find a timely migration to SharePoint 2016 can greatly improve your employees output.

2. Improved Performance Features

If your SharePoint farm needs better performance and reliability, upgrading to SharePoint 2016 will definitely help. Some of the most celebrated new features give your infrastructure much more power.

  1. MinRoles allows you to select your desired dedicated role and have SharePoint automatically ensure all corresponding servers are compliant.
  2. Zero Downtime Patching means no downtime is required when patching your SharePoint farm. Your servers will always be running. 
  3. List View Threshold has been extended beyond the 5,000 items. Now the upper limit depends on your infrastructure and the structure of your site collections.

Robust, efficient, reliable and scalable infrastructure always helps businesses do more with less.

3. Better Data Control Features

If data security is paramount to your business, take a long look at SharePoint 2016. The features around data control offer the flexibility to implement a multitude of access and deletion policies.

The Compliance Policy Center and the In-Place Policy Hold Center allow you to create specific policies regarding certain documents and enforce them with precision.

You can easily:

  1. Improve data security by implementing data loss prevention policies that prevent unauthorized sharing or deletion of documents.
  2. Encrypt document, add certain rights and block certain actions.
  3. Delete documents after a well-specified period of time.

Whether it’s about data loss prevention or data compliance policies, SharePoint 2016 provides tools to help.

4. Seamless User-Experience Features

Tedious workflows drag down even the best of SharePoint implementations. Any steps you take to simplify tasks will be welcomed by end-users.

New hybrid capabilities have enhanced the user-experience in SharePoint 2016. These capabilities improve efficiency by performing tasks in both on-premises and Cloud environments simultaneously, delivering on the promise of allowing you to do more with fewer clicks.

  1. OneDrive Redirection gives you access to OneDrive for Business in Office 365 right within the SharePoint My Sites page.
  2. Hybrid Search gives you unified search results from both SharePoint on premises and SharePoint Online for the same query.
  3. The App Launcher allows you to access your most used applications and services from one centralized and customizable dashboard page.

These features remove a lot of the extra steps required to complete the same common tasks. When weighing the costs, look at the time your employees can save and see if the migration is worth the investment.

In the short video below, Adam Levithan, product manager at Metalogix, elaborates on even more reasons to migrate.

Improve Business Output with SharePoint 2016

If your business may benefit from better data control, seamless user-experience, improved infrastructure and higher productivity, SharePoint 2016 may be the solution for you.

Migrating now offers another advantage: the update will make it easier for your business to adapt to upcoming technological improvements.

Like with any other business decision, do your due diligence: examine these new features and evaluate the benefits they may bring your business at this moment in time. After all, it always comes down to your return on investment.