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So what role does information management play in a customer-centric era? A super important one, as Nitro COO Gina O'Reilly explained. "To achieve the cohesion necessary to enhance customer experience and satisfaction, we must lay the groundwork for effective information management and document collaboration," she wrote.

We couldn't agree more. It's the reason information management remains one of our three prime areas of focus here at CMSWire, where we strive to share the latest enterprise options around everything from search to security. 

CMSWire Hits

With that in mind, let's look at a sample of our efforts: CMSWire's Top 10 information management stories of the year. As you'll see, the company formerly known as EMC attracted a great deal of interest in this section.

No. 10 

CMSWire reporter Erika Morphy shared the news that Splunk Was Enhancing Machine Learning With 300 New Algorithms.

It's going big — or, given that this is football season — long with machine learning. In other words, it has expanded in a significant way the early version of machine learning in its platform to deliver new services and capabilities.

No. 9

CMSWire reporter Virginia Backaitis asked a number of industry experts an important question: Is Enterprise Content Management as We Know it Done?

Constellation Research analyst and future of work expert Alan Lepofsky told CMSWire that the tides have turned. “Legacy ECM systems focused on the library aspects of documents. Modern ECM focuses on the collaboration and social aspect of how that content is created and used,” he said.

No. 8

Mike Alsup, a senior vice president and the founder of Gimmal, gave his perspective of a deal that attracted much attention in So OpenText Buys Documentum: Making Sense of the Aftershocks.

OpenText has brilliantly executed in its role as the designated consolidator of legacy ECM businesses, acquiring such ECM stalwarts as Hummingbird (PCDocs), Documentum, Vignette, the remnants of Autonomy’s multiple acquisitions through Hewlett-Packard and its spawn, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the remnants of Wang and ViewStar and Kodak Imaging through Global360, and IXOS.

No. 7

CMSWire reporter Virginia Backaitis speculated about What Happens to Documentum If EMC Sells It? 

There has been a lot of speculation between Documentum watchers on social media and in private conversations about the relevance of products like Documentum in today's cloudy world.But with what seems to be rare exceptions, the chatter about Documentum's rapid demise are greatly exaggerated.

No. 6

Martin White, managing director of Intranet Focus, and Miles Kehoe, founder of New Idea Engineering, collaborated on a story that explained Google Search Appliance Is Fading Away.

The Google Enterprise Search Appliance (ESA) provided organizations around the world with a search application that needed no staff to manage it. Now the ESA has no future and customers may well have no staff with the skills to make decisions in fairly short order.  

No. 5

CMSWire reporter Virginia Backaitis spoke to Rohit Ghai when he was president of EMC's Enterprise Content Division to learn how EMC Keeps the Faith in Documentum and LEAPs Ahead.

Making Documentum cheaper to run and less of a hassle might, in and of itself, provide further reason to keep it around. But for those enterprises who buy into EMC ECD's pitch that Documentum and LEAP, are better together, there may be a reason to re-embrace it. At least that's what Ghai hopes. 

No. 4

Every business has plenty of data these days, but far fewer know how to capitalize on it. Sundeep Sanghavi, co-founder and CEO of DataRPM, a pioneer in cognitive data science, addressed the issue in a story that explained how to Operationalize Your Data Like Your Life Depends On It.

Enterprises need to follow in the footsteps of companies like Netflix, Uber and LinkedIn, which have integrated data into their business models. Otherwise, they risk falling behind the competition, which can gather vital insights quicker and more effectively than they can.

No. 3

CMSWire reporter Virginia Backaitis gave CMSWire readers a scoop with a story that predicted EMC (Finally) Is Selling Documentum, calling it part of a plan to shed assets before its takeover by Dell later in the year.

Documentum isn’t a great fit within EMC to begin with, as CMSWire has been explaining for the past two years. It will be even less of a fit if EMC finalizes the merger with Dell, creating more of a computer hardware/data center business.

No. 2

Both business intelligence and data science focus on deriving business insights from data. In an article headlined Data Scientists vs. BI Analysts: What's the Difference? Ian Swanson, co-founder and CEO of DataScience, a company that combines human intellect and machine learning, explained how they differ.

While many of the responsibilities, techniques and goals of analysts and data scientists closely match, major differences exist between the required skillsets — and expected outputs — for each job. 

No. 1

OpenText's decision to acquire EMC assets sparked intense interest, skyrocketing CMSWire Chief Editor Noreen Seebacher's breaking news story — OpenText to acquire EMC's Enterprise Content Division (ECD) — to one of the top articles of the year.

Documentum was always an odd fit for EMC and never moved the needle for it in terms of either innovation or hardware sales. As Marko Sillanpaa, co-founder of the Big Men On Content blog and former EMC and Documentum employee, put it, the synergies between Documentum and ECM were just never realized.