Contributors of 2018: Jed Cawthorne "I am the guy you will find arguing military strategy or software deployment methodologies on Twitter."

Jed Cawthorne's name comes up quite a bit around CMSWire. Whether it's in relation to his monthly columns on the site, his presence on our reader advisory board or his role as judge for the Digital Workplace Awards we run yearly with the Digital Workplace Group — you don't have to look far to find him. 

Jed's generosity with his time extends to his generosity of spirit. He is quick with a word of encouragement, a word of praise and gladly shares in the successes and achievements of others. He is, in short, what some might call a mensch. 

Jed changed roles this year to become a senior product manager in the Digital Group at TD Bank. His main focus is on improving enterprise search and collaboration — in other words, helping the people at TD Bank get work done — just as he helps us at CMSWire do the same. 

The Potential for Information to Enable Transformation Is Even Greater

Who are you, in a 280-character tweet? 

I am the guy who will come and talk to you about how metadata will improve your search results, or how you could improve your business process by using certain collaboration technologies. I am the guy you will find arguing military strategy or software deployment methodologies on Twitter. I am the historical fencer, re-enactor, history nerd — the science geek who may RT SpaceX or NASA. The AIIM CIP and CMSWire contributor who loves being part of our industry.

What attracted you to your field and what still excites you about it? 

I got into information management (from pure IT support) through working on the Beagle 2 Mars lander project. The idea of archiving important science data in ways that people could find it and use it to generate information from which insights about another planet could be created intrigued me back then; and it still does now, except if anything the potential for information and knowledge management to enable transformation is now even greater.

What project are you working on now that our readers should know about? 

I am currently doing a lot of work on enterprise search, including metadata management and implementing a new search engine, but I am also working on a big project to make the vision of our next generation digital workplace and intranet a reality.

What story/stories related to your field will you be following in 2019? 

I will be closely following any stories related to information and knowledge management, enterprise search and collaboration, and the broadly scoped digital workplace. Of specific interest will be stories relating to intranets, SharePoint Online and Office365.

What was your first paying job? 

Junior Radio Operator (Tactical), Her Majesty's Royal Navy. First ship, the fabulous HMS Hermione.

Speed Round!

  1. What word could you happily live without hearing ever again? Brexit
  2. What book are you reading now? "Cold Iron" by Miles Cameron
  3. Favorite way to spend a day off? Hanging out with my family and our friends who constitute our extended "Canadian Family" 
  4. If you could go back in time, what period would you go to? Hmmm let's see .... the medieval reenactor would like to go back to 25th August 1346, the day before the Battle of Crecy
  5. Quote to live by: The motto of Clan Guthrie (Mother's family): Sto Pro Veritate — I stand for the truth.