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Minimize training.

Save money.

Try Prizm Content Connect,
the collaborative HTML5 viewer.

Collaboration is an essential part of business. Your software should empower, not impede collaboration. When users have to switch from platform to platform and learn how to make annotations and redactions on each, it slows the workflow.

Prizm Content Connect provides edting and viewing capabilities for these file formats and more:

  • Word .DOC
  • Adobe PDF
  • AutoCad
  • Excel
  • JPEG
  • JPEG 2000
  • PSD
  • EML

The solution is Prizm Content Connect, an HTML5 viewer. Empowering users to view and collaborate on dozens of file types on one piece of software will unify your workflow and minimize training. Your team will only need to know how to operate one easy-to-use software platform that's available on any browser and any device.

While there are some people that absolutely need the ability to edit PDFs, images, AutoCAD and many other file types, there are also people that only need the ability to view, annotate and redact, and search those files. But application seats for editing capabilities are expensive, so the fewer you have to purchase the better.

Prizm Content Connect: Unify your workflow, minimize training, save money.

Redaction Demo:

Experience auto-redaction features to the fullest extent and view the regex that is making them possible with this demo.

Watermark Demo:

Apply an image watermark to your document or simply some positioned text in this demo.

File Type Demo:

View a wide range of file types in the viewer with this demo.

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