Document management roll-up

Google has added a feature that lets users block specific addresses — a small but long overdue addition.

In a blog post about the release, Gmail Product Manager Sri Harsha Somanchi explained the new functionality will let users block cyberbullies and spammers, among others.

“Hopefully it doesn’t happen often — but when it does, you should be able to say, 'Never see messages from this person again.' That’s why you can now block specific email addresses in Gmail on the web and over the next week on Android. Future mail will go to the spam folder (and you can always unblock in Settings),” Somanchi wrote.

In fairness, Gmail users have long been able to delete select email messages by setting up a filter. But now you can block people with only two clicks.

Planning in Office 365

With all the excitant around the release of Office 2016 – no, really – starting to subside, Microsoft is upgrading and adding new features to Office 365.

One that stands out this week is the new Office 365 Planner, which simplifies the way users organize teamwork and content.

According to Microsoft, it easy for teams to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files and collaborate.

For example, it helps teams organize their work visually. Each plan has its own Board, and within each Board, each work item or task is represented by a Card. Every Card can have documents (or pictures) attached that automatically get rich image previews. That makes it easy to understand what the Card is about at a glance.

Microsoft has also added  new technical features such as multiple redundant backups, instantaneous recovery and HIPAA, FISMA, ISO27001 and EU Model compliance.

To make certain everyone has fast access to Planner, the service is deployed in multiple datacenters around the globe.

Office 365 Planner will be available in preview to Office 365 First Release customers before the end of the year.

Moving Content From SharePoint

Cirrus Soft released Document Merge, which lets users of both SharePoint on-premises and Office 365 move documents into pre-defined templates that come with Merge.

Merge enables users to places SharePoint list data into Word and Excel templates without coding as well as create new templates in either Word or Excel.

It's another relatively small release, but one that could potentially make life easier for someone moving content from SharePoint into other Office documents.

Digitech’s Magic Forms

Digitech Systems announced the release of PaperVision Forms Magic, which offers users document recognition and classification technology combined with data extraction capabilities.

The new Forms Magic, which comes as part of Digitech’s PaperVision capture application, converts paper documents into digital content.

It learns by ingesting documents and develops its own patterns for classification, "making it faster and easier to setup than outdated forms processing technologies," the company claims.

It also enables users to convert paper records into electronic files that are protected by user login, encryption.

Documents With Integrity?

New York City-based Business Integrity released of the latest version of its ContractExpress document automation software.

ContractExpress 5 is an enterprise class, web-based document automation software designed for document drafting and client collaboration.

Business Integrity says it is capable of scaling from simple letters and precedents to complex legal contracts. It comes with improved online client services and client connectivity features, the company maintains.