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New digital technologies are transforming the type of work employees perform, as well as where and how work gets done. PHOTO: Lukas

Give me a virtual thumbs up if you do at least part of your work from a random table in a remote location, the front seat of a car, the back seat of a Lyft, a plane, train … you get the drift.

More than four in 10 (43 percent) of American employees work remotely at least part of the time, according to a new report from Gallup — and employees working remotely are spending more time doing so.

"The workplace is changing," the report, released just two weeks ago, acknowledges.

Is your workplace ready? 

Do you have the tools, the technologies, the strategies and, perhaps most importantly, an intrinsic understanding of concepts including agility, flexibility and collaboration?

You're going to need them. As the Gallup report states:

"Forces colliding in the workplace are putting stress on the traditional ways of managing and structuring work. New and emerging technologies are transforming the type of work employees perform, as well as where and how work gets done."

We Hear You

No matter where you're doing your work from at the moment, we feel your collective confusion and, in some cases, panic. But take a deep breath, relax and listen to the offer we have for you:

How would you like to learn everything you need to know and more about the digital workplace from a carefully curated list of industry practitioners and technology innovators?

How would you like an opportunity to meet face-to-face not only with the digital workplace experts but with other business professionals just like you who are also grappling with the changing nature of work?

Digital Workplace Experience

This June, Simpler Media Group, Inc., publisher of CMSWire and creator of DX Summit, and strategic partner and boutique consultancy Digital Workplace Group (DWG), will present Digital Workplace Experience. The three-day event will run June 19 to 21 at the Radisson Blu Aqua hotel in Chicago.

Just this week, the two organizations opened early bird registration on the event's newly launched website at

Digital Workplace Experience (#DWEXP17) features a unique agenda of interactive workshops, live tours by real organizations and technology-driven breakout sessions led by practitioners, analysts and industry experts.

From Deep Dives to Thought-Provoking Keynotes

You'll leave smarter than you came, better prepared to handle the rapidly evolving workplace. As David Francis, head of digital communications at Aegon, said, “Understanding the dynamics and scope of the digital workplace is a moving target for many of us."

Digital Workplace Experience will help attendees understand how others are meeting the challenges and effectively guide a seamless digital transformation. Francis is presenting the session, “The Changing Role of an Intranet Manager.”

Breakout sessions will take deeper dives into subjects within the four conference themes of culture and change, employee experience, intelligent workplace, and strategy and governance.

Pre-conference workshops on Monday, June 19, will offer interactive, hands-on training on engaging modern workplaces, planning social collaboration projects and the future of intranets.

“The world is changing by the minute. Smart companies know that to remain competitive, they must stay on the cutting edge of workforce tools and practices,” said employee engagement expert and author Jill Christensen, who is presenting the opening keynote at Digital Workplace Experience.

Brace for Change

As Gallup noted in its report, "changes are forcing organizations to reconsider how they manage employees in a time when the very essence of how, when and where people work — and the value they place on work — is shifting."

Every company, large and small, is grappling with a bewildering array of issues from culture and collaboration to security and information management.

The speakers and sessions at Digital Workplace Experience 2017 address all of these aspects of the digital workplace and more.

Register now for the best price: Those who register by May 1 receive a $300 discount off either the full three-day conference price of $2495 or the two-day conference price of $1895.

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