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Gartner rated five vendors top vendors in enterprise video content management. PHOTO: Konrad Ciężki

Enterprise video content management system vendors offer different messages and strategies, which creates a "confusing" marketplace, Gartner analysts maintain.

The analysts made this observation in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management, released late last month.

Enterprises looking for video platforms must weigh approaches before comparing prices or functionality, Gartner analysts Whit Andrews and Adam Preset cautioned. While the market is still developing, few major vendors offer products that are natively developed for specific use cases. 

While their messages differ, Gartner analysts found vendors in this space mostly provide the core elements of what enterprises want out of their video content management platform: delivery to mobile devices, delivery architecture, network optimization, security and integration with other systems for delivery.

"Some elements of the market are stabilizing," Gartner analysts wrote. 

As for vendors, Gartner rated Brightcove, MediaPlatform, Kaltura, VBrick and Panopto as leaders. According to Gartner, a leader has a "strong and viable future" and has "flexible, extensible" products.

Gartner also included:

Lexmark and Ramp did not make the Quadrant this year after their inclusions in the last report. Lexmark focuses on the healthcare vertical. Ramp now partners with other vendors in Gartner's Quadrant.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management

Gartner's Vendor Breakdown

Gartner's inclusion criteria for this Quadrant includes:

  • Products that have workflow, storage, search and integration (into other user-facing products)
  • At least one installation with more than 1,000 seats for internal delivery
  • Actively market products in either North America or Europe 
  • Sells their video products separately from other products (such as enterprise content management, portals, web customer service or infrastructure)
  • Earned more than $8 million in overall revenue in 2015

Brightcove earned the highest marks for its "ability to execute." Kaltura has the best "completeness of vision," according to the Gartner analysts.

Inside the Leaders

Let’s take a look at the leaders in this year’s Magic Quadrant, including strengths and cautions from Gartner's analysts:

Brightcove: Predictive Modeling, Workflow Templates

Users of Boston-based Brightcove use Quality-of-Service (QoS) predictive modeling to indicate how well a video delivery will perform. Brightcove offers workflow templates to improve development and publication of videos. Brightcove also improved user interface and usability. 

Brightcove does not integrate with as many collaboration systems for administration as do some other vendors in this market, analysts cautioned. However, its integrations for playback are extensive. Brightcove is cloud-based and does not fully address customers' on-premises needs.

MediaPlatform: Skype Connection, Mixmoov Partnership

Los Angeles-based MediaPlatform provides an "easy data source for videos" through Cisco WebEx. MediaPlatform also offers a connection to Microsoft Skype for Business and a partnership with Mixmoov for video editing and improvement. It offers streaming for large events, and users benefit from a partnership for software-assisted delivery (P2P), multicast and relationships with the major brands of wide-area-network (WAN) optimization vendors. 

Gartner's Andrews and Preset cautioned MediaPlatform has not invested in relationships to third-party content delivery networks (CDNs) but does offer its own SmartEdge ECDN. It lacks formal partnerships with web-conference or videoconference vendors. 

Kaltura: Cloud, Hybrid Offerings 

New York City-based Kaltura offers its product on a broad set of cloud platforms, according to Gartner analysts. Integrations with an "exceptional number of software videoconferencing choices for capture of events and conversations" is another strength. A hybrid delivery architecture is a plus.

Kaltura lacks formal technology or sales partnerships with WAN optimization vendors, according to Andrews and Preset. It also lacks formal partnerships with web conference or hardware videoconference vendors. 

VBrick: Enterprise Security Connections

VBrick, a Herndon, Va.-based provider, offers a broad range of ways of establishing the connection to enterprise security systems, as well as independent security functionality, according to Gartner. Its network optimization capabilities for real-time and on-demand video are pluses. 

Andrews and Preset of Gartner caution VBrick does not offer in-video player interactivity nor does it host its product on commercially common cloud platforms other than Amazon Web Services. 

Panopto: Easy to Use

Seattle-based Panopto is easy to use, according to customers interviewed by Gartner analysts. Its capture of video streams from external sources such as web conferencing and videoconferencing is "very rich" and includes real-time linkage and the ability to collect into a file with heterogeneous simultaneous streams.  

Panopto lacks partnerships with and formal integration with most web-conference or videoconference vendors and lacks formal partnerships with internal WAN optimization vendors.

Games, IoT Loom

This year, the enterprise video content management space shifted toward more complete offerings, according to Gartner analysts.

In the future, Gartner analysts predict combinations of videos with process flows and games to shift the direction of the market. Internet of Things (IoT) video sources will drive new video volume in organizations, Andrews and Preset predicted. 

The industry may see wearable video to expand from law enforcement to include many field occupations — including transportation, logistics, service and even sales. 

"At this stage," they wrote, "differentiation among vendors in terms of technology is diminishing. Usability and an understanding of particular business needs are more commonly cited as major reasons for selection, as is attractive pricing."