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Elcom wants clients to collaborate effortlessly across teams, departments and geographies. PHOTO: Breakingpic

Sydney-based Elcom's latest version of its digital transformation platform includes added collaboration features, extensibility points and API resources.

Josh Anstey, customer solutions director for Elcom, said today's update will help teams collaborate and "build an effective digital workplace experience."

The .NET enterprise web content management provider calls its suite a "digital transformation platform." Its offerings include web content management, learning management system, portals, digital workplaces and intranet.

"We're focusing in the areas of digital workplace and digital transformation as part of our web content management platform," Anstey told CMSWire. "From a platform and feature functionality standpoint, we've done a lot of work around digital workplace."

"We want clients to be able to collaborate effortlessly across teams, departments and geographies."

Elcom is also working to enhance web experience and external customer experiences through email marketing, ecommerce and personalized content.

'Effortless' Collaboration

Version 10.5 of the Elcom platform offers new features for Team Workspaces, a collaboration tool that allows team members to participate in conversations, catch news, share documents and interact. Users can personalize pages with expertise, social update streams, a document list, calendar, news stream or RSS feeds.

"With innovative startups popping up left, right and center and disrupting the growth of existing corporations, large companies need to focus on improving and encouraging collaboration within the workplace as well as with their smaller startup peers to remain relevant and successful," Elcom digital marketer Siv Rauv blogged.


Workflows, Events Management

The updates to Elcom's platform also include:

  • Forms and workflows: Users can drag and drop as they work on web pages. 
  • Tracking management: Incident, performance and issue tracking are available through a form that captures information on a specific item or activity. 
  • Events module: Updated user interface for event management.

Elcom can be delivered on premises or in the cloud. Anstey said client needs are shifting as they "get more mature" and want delivery models like Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), where they have "confidence everything is taken care of for them."

Ryan Bloch, Elcom general manager and chief operating officer, said in a statement the 21-year-old company's latest release is "designed to solve digital workplace stresses with features that will help employees collaborate effortlessly and work better and faster together."