Screenshot of Reworked Editor-in-Chief Mike Prokopeak giving his keynote address at the virtual summer 2021 Digital Workplace Experience Conference.
Reworked's Mike Prokopeak at the summer Digital Workplace Experience.

The pandemic has shifted the way we live, shop and especially work. Learning and exploring different ways to bring inclusion and cohesiveness to the workplace is crucial as we enter our new normal: the digital way of life.

As the world is starting to open back up, many companies are still fully remote while others are embracing a hybrid workplace. A survey by McKinsey found that as the COVID-19 pandemic eases, hybrid work will likely become the norm, with a majority of employers (nine out of 10) saying they will allow some hybrid workplace setup in the future.

The fourth quarter is in full swing, and a brand new year will soon arrive. Companies can still revitalize their digital workplaces by gaining insight from some upcoming conferences that emphasize employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, future workplace and workplace development.

Here are four we recommend having on your calendars for this fall:

Digital Workplace Experience (DWX) Conference, Oct. 14-15

The Digital Workplace Experience Conference just had to be first because it is our conference! And it happens today (Oct. 14) and tomorrow (Oct. 15) and will be available on-demand. Run by Simpler Media Group and, the DWX conference is a game-changing conference that highlights changes in the workplace during the pandemic.

The theme of this conference this week is “Future Workplace: Emerging Technology, Innovation & Intelligent Platforms,” which will touch on various topics such as innovative practices to make your workplace more efficient, cutting-edge technology and platforms to utilize to enhance the digital workplace. The world's top digital workplace, enterprise learning and talent management thought leaders and practitioners will gather at this virtual event.

This week’s two-day conference is the fourth installment of the DWX conference’s 2021 virtual series.

Future Workplace Summit: Working And Learning In Your Post-Pandemic Future, Oct. 19-20

Digital workplace is here and transforming every day. But practitioners are always looking toward the future. The Future Workplace Summit will be a two-day- conference that highlights the future of digital workplace and hybrid realities. It is the fourth of a year-long series of events.

Understanding how to be resilient will be advantageous in a hybrid workplace while also building up the culture inside of the workplace. This two-day conference allows employers and employees to take a peek into what will be the future workplace.

The Future of Employee Engagement 2021, Nov. 3-4

Since this virtual event was last hosted, the world of work has altered dramatically. Of course, the COVID-19 epidemic and its cultural and economic consequences influenced the workplace in so many ways, but so did other variables. These variables have influenced how employees view their employment, the workplace, their bosses and other aspects of their lives.

The Future of Employee Engagement conference will look at how all of these elements have influenced employee engagement trends. Conference speakers will go through the most recent engagement statistics, explain how companies define and measure it and illustrate how HR and management practices influence employee engagement.

2021 VIRTUAL Conference: Develop Your Future Workforce, Nov. 17

HR professionals need industrial-sized equipment in their toolkit to start building the workforce of the future. Knowledge of the technology that is driving change, managers who are trained, taught and accountable for implementing fast-paced projects, and an understanding of data analytics to forecast and monitor skill shortages are just a few of these powerful tools.

Conference organizers say these practitioners need to set the groundwork now and begin planning for the future staff they'll need. The conference will include identifying future trends, assessing current skill sets and developing and deploying talent.