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Forget Facebook. There’s a new platform in town that claims to give content creators more control over who consumes their content, when they see it and from which location.

Share By (now in beta), the first product built on the new StoryCloud platform, is a free, permission-based content publishing program aimed at small business owners, parents, and even high school students interested in securely sharing photos, video, files and media in a targeted way. 

“This product is really focused on consumers, end users and everyday folk,” said Ken Kalb, CEO of StoryCloud. “We’re going a long way toward empowering individuals to better control their content – particularly if they want to share to a trusted destination.”  

What About Facebook?

Ken Kalb
Kalb told CMSWire that Share By is built on the premise that the content you publish is your own, and always will be. Once a content provider uploads content to the platform and sets permissions, she is sent a unique URL which can be shared with whomever she chooses.

On the other hand, once content is published on Facebook, he said, it’s owned by Facebook — and you lose control of it.

“What Facebook has done is, in many ways, fantastic, but it’s not for everyone,” he said. “With Facebook, the user becomes the product. When you post information, you’re empowering Mark Zuckerberg’s [Facebook CEO] success because that’s the content he needs to push his product.”

With Share By, he continued, the user is the customer.

“We’re trying to build products, software and services to give users complete control of where their content goes so they can determine the destiny of that music, image, doc or piece of media.”

More Than Just Sharing

Far more than a Facebook clone, Kalb discussed the five pillars upon which Share By and the StoryCloud platform is based: 

  • Security and encryption
  • Social networking
  • Analytics
  • Permissions
  • E-commerce

storycloud permissions

So, in addition to being able to share content in the way you specify, Share By offers users an e-Commerce component that allows them to monetize their services.

“If you’re a writer, video director, or musician, it’s difficult to make a living doing those things,” said Kalb. “Once you put something on the net, you lose control.”

With Share By, he added, these users now have a more economical delivery option for their services.

“Not every piece of music content can be sold on iTunes,” he said. “Not every book can be sold on Amazon. We give people the option to distribute at a better price point.”

And, with Share By’s real-time analytics, he added, marketing can become even more targeted. According to a company release:

“ … a singer could combine the StoryCloud pay-per-view and subscription e-commerce model to fully monetize a targeted audience, offering them an exclusive first listen to a new single, within a two-hour window, on a particular date, and limit it to a specific location.”

storycloud analytics

What’s Next

Kalb told us that Share By is only the first of several programs for the StoryCloud platform that the company plans to release in the coming months – all targeted at corporate users.

Here’s what’s coming:

  • Chat By StoryCloud: a permission-based messaging platform that allows users to send text, pictures, video and music
  • Read By StoryCloud: a real-time streaming literary content management platform with social networking capabilities
  • View By StoryCloud: a video streaming platform
  • Listen By StoryCloud: a music streaming platform

Share By is currently in beta. If you’re interested in trying it out, visit the Share By site to set up your free account.

Title image by Olu Eletu.