pinterest trends, released in December 2019, provides marketers new insights into what people are searching for on the site

One of the most interesting SEO tools emerging in the new year isn't from one of the traditional search engines. It's from a social media site that has developed a strong visual search algorithm over the years, Pinterest.

In December, Pinterest introduced a beta product called Pinterest Trends. The new tool gives marketers a view of the top US search terms within Pinterest from the past 12 months. Pinterest Trends also indicate when top search terms peak via a time series graph. All of these features offer a way to "better understand how content performs on Pinterest” according to the company's Dec. 10 announcement

Priming Pinterest Content With Optimized Labels 

Pinterest Trends is analogous to Google Trends, and not only because of the name. Google Trends provides a way to compare search terms by normalizing search volume against an index, allowing for comparison of words that are best suited for a SEO strategy.

Pinterest Trends provides a similar opportunity for SEO experts. The tool demonstrates the search volume to help users understand how to better label pins and describe content for discoverability on the platform.

In addition, Pinterest pins are searchable within Google when the profile settings are set to allow queries. Thus it's possible to manage search visibility of a Pinterest profile across two sets of search engines. That can help marketers leverage pins to share images and content they want people to discover.

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Pinterest Trends on Desktop

Pinterest has successfully cultivated an audience during the formative years of social media with its visually-driven, nuanced subject searches. People have turned to the platform for specific interests such as cooking and fashion. Having an engaged, focused audience with clearly expressed interests such as this is what every marketer dreams of, making Pinterest a clear channel for marketers seeking to connect with specific audiences. And the impact of Pinterest users on new products is evident. Last August, Pinterest shared a success story from Toyota and Oracle Data Cloud on the platform, with one Oracle Data Cloud executive stating that Pinterest users were “more active early adopters for new car models than non-Pinners.” 

Pinterest Trends is available on desktop only in the US. The company did not share any plans for other regions. Pinterest also introduced a new annual report at the time of the Trends announcement called the Pinterest 100. The report indicates the top emerging trends to watch in the year ahead, providing insights into what people are researching. 

All of this new transparency from Pinterest should help SEO practitioners integrate Pinterest activity into their plans to improve the search visibility of website and web apps.