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Why should Salesforce have all of the marketing cloud fun this week?

Competing marketing cloud provider Oracle introduced a series of enhancements to its cloud. Oracle officials said the additions enable marketers to orchestrate relevant mobile interactions for consumers and salespeople, attribute revenue to marketing activities and optimize the experience for individual customers.

Oracle introduces new mobile, data, content and reporting capabilities in this release. It made the announcement Nov. 18 during its Modern Marketing Experience in London. 

“The Oracle Marketing Cloud announced innovations associated with B2B, B2C and Media solutions,” Rebecca Kaykas-Wolff, director of product marketing for Oracle Marketing Cloud, told CMSWire. “For consumer marketing, we announced In App Messaging that allows a marketer to activate a series of messages through a unified canvas. The app allows you as a marketer to send via mobile app, which extends the value and reach. This allows the marketer to create a pop-up message based on preferences or behaviors and then act upon it.”

Oracle also announced multivariate testing through its B2C platform, and self-service capability via the Oracle DMP. This allows media providers to create integrations which pull audience data from the Oracle platform into other digital advertising and media platforms.

“So, though we have 400 plus media activations,” she said, “if we don't have one, we now enable the opportunity for our customers to enable integration themselves. This is a huge cost savings and time to market benefit.”

Badgeville Gets Gaming

Redwood City, Calif.-based Badgeville launched its Badgeville Enterprise Plus platform this week. Officials said the platform supports a wider range of enterprise applications, recognizes a broader range of behaviors, rewards social activities, offers new analytics and delivers first to market digital reputation.  

screenshot of the badgeville platform

The new platform has four feature groups:

  • Advanced engagement engines: Expanded gamification engines allow companies to recognize more people for more contributions across a greater range of uses cases
  • Digital reputation: Advanced visualization options for employee-facing and customer-facing applications. New hosted service Reputation Center visually displays all achievements, expertise levels, skill attainment, certifications and rewards earned by a user on a single page
  • TrustIQ gamification: Enhanced architecture protects data and includes a new web tier to protect the application from direct access via the Internet, enhanced intrusion detection, audit and tracing capabilities and role-based security features
  • Expanded audience analytics: New Hadoop-based platform produces actionable insights at the application, project, user and group level

“Gamification is table stakes in the modern, millennial-focused enterprise,” Badgeville CEO Jon Shalowitz said in a statement. “Customers are driving the gamification discussion beyond system and application engagement, demanding a solution that impacts broader organizational, cultural and business transformation initiatives.”

Adobe Partners with Bombora

B2B demographic and intent data provider Bombora this week launched the first B2B Intent Data offering within Adobe Audience Manager, a data management platform (DMP).

The Bombora B2B data is collected across a cooperative of B2B media companies and made available in Adobe Audience Manager via Audience Marketplace, where advertisers and content publishers can buy and sell anonymous, audience data within one solution.

Bombora CEO Erik Matlick said that, “For the first time, B2B marketers can target ads and personalize their sites at scale, based on a user's top area of interest. We're excited to be innovating with Adobe."

Ali Bohra, director of product marketing at Adobe, said using Bombora's ecosystem of over 400 million global users, Adobe's B2B customers will have the ability to build on the B2B profile and power cross-channel marketing in a “relevant, personalized experience through Audience Manager.”

Bombora's data combines anonymous first- and third-party data for programmatic ad targeting, analytics, site-side personalization modeling, account-based marketing and custom segment features enhancing marketing performance.

Tech Companies Strong in Inclusion

American computer tech companies continue to lead on corporate lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) workplace inclusion, according to the 2016 Corporate Equality Index (CEI) report issued this week. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation, the educational arm of the nation’s largest civil rights organization, administers the survey.

Its computer tech sector includes computer software, computer hardware and office equipment and computer and data services companies.

More than 850 companies actively participated in this year's CEI. Internet services and retailing companies that achieved perfect scores include newcomers Airbnb Inc., Paypal Holdings Inc., Twitter Inc., and WeddingWire Inc. They join Google Inc., eBay Inc., Facebook Inc., Groupon Inc., Yahoo! Inc. and Yelp Inc.

“Tech companies recognized early on that innovation requires a pipeline of top talent and an inclusive environment where employees know their ideas and perspectives will be valued,” Deena Fidas, director of the HRC Foundation’s Workplace Equality Program, said in a statement. “It’s no surprise that this year the nation’s leading tech firms continued to set new and more robust standards for LGBT inclusion.”

The CEI rates companies and top law firms on detailed criteria falling under five broad categories:

  • Non-discrimination policies
  • Employment benefits
  • Demonstrated organizational competency and accountability around LGBT diversity and inclusion
  • Public commitment to LGBT equality
  • Responsible citizenship

Google This

Toronto content marketing provider ScribbleLive teamed with Google this week in a partnership that allows its customers to benefit from an enhanced user experience in Google Search results. 

If results from a Google search query include a live blog that meets predetermined criteria, Google will display a carousel-style search result with a number of recent posts from that event. If users click the search item, Google will direct the user to the ScribbleLive client page on which the source live blog appears.

“Large content publishers rely on ScribbleLive to produce engaging, real-time content at scale," Divesh Sisodraker, chief product officer at ScribbleLive, said in a statement. "We are delighted to partner with Google to ensure that anyone in the world will be able find compelling real-time content. This increased visibility will drive new traffic to our clients.”

Act-On Goes Vertical

Beaverton, Ore., marketing automation provider Act-On Software announced this week the launch of a solution customized for various industries including healthcare, travel, finance, manufacturing and retail.

Act-On Industry Solutions is a digital collection of marketing assets, pre-built automated workflows, and industry-specific benchmark results designed to help customers measure success.

Act-On Industry Solutions consists of the following offerings:

  • Content: Industry-specific templates for emails, forms, and landing pages with multiple campaign examples that can be imported/exported across accounts
  • Programs: Pre-built automated workflows to support multi-step nurture and engagement campaigns
  • Benchmarks: Access to aggregated performance results for marketing activities in various industries

"We've expanded on our promise of simplicity without compromise by providing our customers with the ability to not only get up and running on the platform quickly, but also access pre-built templates and workflows to make their marketing more relevant and effective for their industry," Atri Chatterjee, CMO of Act-On Software, said in a statement.

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