Each minute of the day, Instagram users click the Like button on 1,736,111 photos. That’s a lot of eyes, and advertisers just can’t wait to get in front of them.

Fortunately, for a select group of the Facebook-owned company partners, there’s no more waiting.

Just a month after Instagram opened its platform to companies like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Ampush, SocialCode and a few others, new companies seem to be joining the API short list daily — all hoping to grab the attention of some of the platform’s 300 million active users.

Extending Brand Reach

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Sprinklr — a platform that enables brands to manage owned, earned and paid social media — is one of those new partners.

Joining the likes of Adobe, AdRoll and AppsFlyer, which also recently jumped on the bandwagon, the New York City-based company plans to bring the power of Instagram ads to its more than 1,000 brands.

Simon Mansell, General Manager of Paid and Services at Sprinklr, sees the API as a way to extend the reach of brands that are already using social channels to reach their customers.

“A lot of customers we want to reach already have a connection to Instagram and to Facebook,” said Mansell. “Instagram is scaling by working with companies like us. It’s good for customers who now have access to the Instagram audience, and good for Instagram as they bring more media dollars against ads.”

Staying True to Its Mission

With Sprinklr’s paid module, advertisers can buy and manage campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn on one platform.

According to a company release, the integration with Instagram gives clients the added ability to conduct targeted, action-oriented ads on the social platform at scale, without spend caps. Clients can also manage ad placement on Facebook in order to amplify their campaigns.

Mansell noted that Instagram’s advantage for advertisers is that it hasn’t strayed from its original intent of providing an easy way to share.

“Instagram has stayed true to staying simple. It exists to allow people to tell visual stories to friends, or companies to share these with their customers,” he said. “They’re adding more video functionality, but the interface is still quite simple compared to Facebook, which has added a lot of different features.”

This echoes the sentiment expressed by Instagram’s brand development lead, Patrick Workman, who spoke during a recent Dreamforce session, as reported by CMO.com.

Workman explained that “… when the world’s second-largest social media platform first rolled out its advertising business, it started on a very small scale, reviewing every piece of creative to ensure it was native to the experience, but also added value to what the users were experiencing.”

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Better Than Facebook?

Mansell said another reason Instagram is appealing to advertisers is because the targeting capabilities are strong enough to rival Facebook.

But will ads on Instagram fare better or worse than those on Facebook?

Early results from Salesforce indicate that Instagram may be a more valuable network for advertisers. According to a recent article, Salesforce reported that the price per ad impression for Instagram came in 90 percent higher than Facebook, and that Instagram earned a 1.5 percent click-through rate compared to Facebook’s first-quarter .8 percent rate.

Of course, this could be due to many factors, posited the author, including novelty, the fact that the audience skews on the younger side, or the simple fact that the ad is as large is as the organic content itself.

Whether or not this advantage is sustainable remains to be seen. Mansell, however, believes that Instagram’s growth alone is a good sign for advertising success.

“Instagram is growing very quickly,” he said. “They have a good quality audience who are consuming content in a leaned-back fashion, like watching television. It’s a nice way for brands to communicate with audiences.”

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