gartner names champions of multichannel campaign management

Gartner made only one change to its leaderboard for multichannel campaign management software vendors in its latest industry report.

The Stamford, Conn.-based research firm booted Teradata from the leaders spot, demoting it to a "niche player" alongside 10 other vendors. Five other companies — IBM, SAS, Oracle, Adobe and Salesforce — remained leaders in Gartner's recently released Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Campaign Management.

Gartner authors Adam Sarner, Mike McGuire, Jennifer Polk and Julie Hopkins noted that Teradata and SDL, another niche player, put their marketing offerings up for sale. Teradata is moving toward an analytics focusSDL plans to focus on language, translation and global content management.  

"The evolving multichannel campaign management space (MCCM), it strongly appears, requires full time and attention in meeting the needs of the marketing buyer and cannot compete if managed as a side job," Gartner authors wrote.

Multichannel Campaign Management Overview

To get into this Gartner party, vendors had to have:

  • At least 20 customers using MCCM
  • At least 15 new customer wins for MCCM during the past 12 months
  • At least $15 million in revenue and enough cash to fund a year of operations at the current rate of cash depletion 

Gartner authors said marketers spent more than $6 billion in 2015 on campaign management applications. They see that growing 24 percent annually threw 2018.

The Multichannel Campaign Management space, they reported, is as a "red ocean" where web content management, data management platforms, marketing resource management, digital commerce and advanced marketing analytics vendors vie to provide engagement across more than one channel.

Vendors have added functionalities that include programmatic advertising capabilities, content marketing, mobile marketing, social marketing, connections to digital commerce and advanced analytics. Gartner researchers see Adobe and Salesforce vaulting past longtime leaders in vision like SAS, IBM, Oracle and Teradata.

Vendors this past year invested in:

  • Customer understanding: Native capabilities and partnerships to bring in multisourced customer data for rich customer understanding
  • Right moment: Event-triggered marketing tactics, a tactic for focusing on and executing real-time, personalized multichannel marketing
  • Right connections: Mobile marketing, email marketing, connections to ad networks and social marketing. 

"However," the authors wrote, "as a whole, the vendors have not moved forward processes for orchestrating and engaging through the growing combination of channels marketers now have to choose from. Areas like channel attribution capability, for example, have been largely pushed off to future roadmaps." 

About Those MCCM Leaders

Gartner MQ for multichannel campaign management

Gartner Take on its 5 Leaders


References praised Adobe for its "robust functionality" and Adobe Campaign's "ability to enable complex business rules and workflows." But customers have a hard time connecting Adobe Campaign to other tools in their marketing cloud without custom implementation projects, according to Gartner. 


IBM's breadth of MCCM offerings is the "most significant strength." Several customers, however, noted the campaign management solutions being "dated" as compared with the competition — with respect to UI, product development and market adaptability. 


SAS's real-time decisioning and optimization tools and analytics got kudos from customers. Some references cited cost and complexity as reasons they turned away from SAS. 


References like the ease of setup, use and execution of email marketing campaigns, according to Gartner. Oracle is still integrating the platforms it acquired, according to Gartner. 


Customers like the "visual elegance of Journey Builder as well as marketing cloud's strengths in email marketing and its tie-ins to mobile and display (custom audiences)." Salesforce support offers in-depth knowledge in some parts of the product suite but lacks knowledge in others.

Several other companies were listed in the MCCM report: Marketo and Sitecore (visionaries); SAP (challenger); and RedPoint, Experian, Microsoft, Selligent, Pegasystems, Listrak, Pitney Bowes, AgilOne and Zeta Interactive (all niche players).

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