Pegasystems CEO Alan Trefler
Pegasystems CEO Alan Trefler delivers the keynote at Pega World, taking place in Las Vegas June 4 to June 7

Among the many announcements coming out of PegaWorld 2017 in Las Vegas this week, the news that Pegasystems has partnered with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to bring the Pega CRM offering and platform to the cloud stands out.

According to the a statement from Cambridge, Mass.-based Pegasystems, the new partnerships will eliminate the cloud vendor lock-in that many enterprises struggle with and which limit an enterprises ability to benefit from the many cloud offerings available to them at the moment.

Pegasystems Extending Cloud Choices

It follows a similar partnership with cloud services specialist Pivotal, which the companies announced in May. That partnership placed Pega software in the Pivotal Cloud Foundry and was the first step in Pegasystems stated ambition to place its software on the most widely used public clouds.

Cloud Foundry is an open source cloud computing platform originally developed in-house at VMware and now owned by Pivotal Software — a joint venture between VMware, EMC and General Electric.

Explaining the timing of the AWS and Azure announcements, Don Schuerman, Chief Technology Officer VP of Product Marketing told CMSWire:

“These collaborations are in direct response to customer demand. Our customers could always work with any cloud platform of their choice.

“Now we’re further easing the path to deployment by giving them additional support and services to help them run directly on AWS and Azure. These are among the first cloud platforms that we’ve formalized this level of support for, along with Pivotal Cloud Foundry announced last month, and we’ll continue to evaluate other cloud providers based on our client’s needs.”

Beyond Cloud Lock-In

Schuerman noted many vendors only offer their own cloud as a deployment option. Pegasystems has avoided this from the outset, making its products cloud agnostic. But these integrations go beyond that by providing deep integration and support.

“We believe that giving our clients freedom to choose their cloud platform is a significant differentiator — particularly in a software market that typically doesn’t give their customers any choice at all. Our solutions conform to fit our client’s needs, not the other way around,” Schuerman added.

Pegasystems has already been working with AWS for seven years to host the Pega Cloud on AWS and optimize it to run Pega solutions. The current release extends this and gives clients the option to run Pega directly on AWS if they choose. 

The partnership with Microsoft Azure is new.

A Cloud Strategy, In the Making

Initially, Pegasystems will provide support for Pega Platform and CRM applications on both Azure and AWS, as well as support for its industry apps on AWS. The company stated it will extend this support to Azure in the near future. 

“We’ve seen an increasing number of clients bring their Pega solutions to the cloud, and we expect it will become a bigger percentage of our overall deployment mix. The newly announced support for Azure and AWS will further help us meet these needs,” Schuerman said.

“Many of our Pega Cloud users are hybrid use cases. This reflects the reality that customers are still leveraging their investment in legacy technology as well as maintaining control over the data within their data centers."

He added that the biggest problem for enterprises thinking of making the move to the cloud is defining their strategy before they start moving.

“The biggest issue is ensuring our clients properly define their overall strategy before moving to the cloud. Cloud technology in and of itself is a deployment option, whereas the bigger benefit comes from the technologies they want to leverage within the Pega portfolio,” he said.

We will likely see the company explore similar partnerships in the future. Schuerman said that while they couldn't say yet what cloud provider/s are next, the new relationships will be developed “based on customer demand.”

In the mean time, Pegasystems will focus on giving its customers the best tools to enhance their customer experiences. He specifically mentioned upgrades to its artificial intelligence engine, so watch out for this in the near future.