Oracle CEO Mark Hurd on stage yesterday at the Oracle Modern Customer Experience conference at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas.
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd on stage yesterday at the Oracle Modern Customer Experience conference at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas.

Oracle updated its Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud suite today with new chatbot and artificial intelligence integrations as well as improved mobile, video and messaging capabilities. 

The Redwood City, Calif.-based provider announced the Adaptive Intelligence Apps for CX this morning at its annual Modern Customer Experience conference, being held at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. 

Oracle officials said 5,500 people are attending the conference. This marks the fifth year it's been held under the Oracle name. Eloqua previously hosted the conference until its acquisition by Oracle in 2012.

Timely Data Decisions

The new solutions apply to every element in the Oracle CX Cloud Suite, which include the Oracle Marketing Could, Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle CPQ Cloud, Oracle Commerce Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Social Cloud. 

Oracle officials stressed a theme of "amplifying people" to be more productive. Those people include Oracle customers like sales, commerce, service and marketing professionals.

In his keynote yesterday afternoon, CEO Mark Hurd spoke about the challenges around getting usable data into the hands of decision-makers in a timely manner.

Get the computer to do as much of the work as possible and integrate machine learning and intelligence into the applications themselves, Hurd said.

That's the central feature of the Adaptive Intelligent Apps for CX — designed to supply commerce, marketing, sales and service professionals with a combination of first-party and third-party customer data and decision science and machine learning.

The new Adaptive Intelligence Apps for CX are built on top of the Oracle Data cloud to speed decision making and reaction time of companies using the solution.

It's about using machine learning, artificial intelligence and decision science to provide answers to people in context and timely to "amplify their capabilities to do things," Jack Berkowitz, Oracle's vice president of products and data science for Oracle Adaptive Intelligence, told attendees yesterday afternoon.

The company plans to eventually apply adaptive intelligence to all of its offerings.

Oracle's Adaptive Intelligence Apps for CX

Berkowitz used the example of a photographer whose camera broke the day before a shoot. An integrated chatbot provided instant-messaging support for the photographer and then supplied the customer service professional with the photographer's company lifetime value ($1 million-plus), resulting in a quick resolution.

The same context applies for sales, commerce and marketers, said Des Cahill, head customer experience evangelist for Oracle.

"A sales rep comes in, turns on their computers and their job is to call and qualify leads," Cahill told CMSWire in an interview last week. "Lo and behold in their inbox or CRM is 150 new leads. How do you qualify those and add context? You can't make 150 calls in a day."

These integrations, and the data cloud foundation, aim to quickly provide the kind of context that makes prioritizing leads possible.

"Our heritage is with data and databases," Cahill said. "We're helping our customers us data to solve these problems."


Mobile, Video and Social Integrations

Oracle also revealed new video and social messaging capabilities which enable customer service agents to interact with customers across WeChat, Facebook Messenger and video channels. With them, agents can provide a voice-activated, task-based and role-based user experience. 

"These innovations together are all being done because we're just seeing faster acceleration of the delivery of new technologies like augmented reality, drones, virtual reality, Internet of Things and social messaging channels," Cahill told CMSWire. "There is so much new technology adoption, and customers are becoming more and more technology savvy. We're meeting the growing demand of customer experience in innovative and new ways."

DX, Content Platform

Oracle also introduced a new digital experience platform today, the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud. The cloud-based content hub includes:

  • Content collaboration internally and with external teams
  • Centralized content hub to share business documents, digital assets, user-generated content and web content
  • APIs to deliver experiences across any channels
  • Enhanced enterprise applications with content

The new DX platform integrates with the Oracle Customer Experience Cloud Suite.