Gaylord Opryland Resort at OpenText Enterprise World 2016 in Nashville

NASHVILLE — OpenText’s acquisitions of HP Inc.'s (HP) customer experience software will allow OpenText customers to build end-to-end digital experiences and lifetime customer journeys, according to Marci Maddox, OpenText's senior director of product marketing for customer experience management (CEM).

She made the statement during an interview with CMSWire yesterday during the Waterloo, Ontario-based enterprise information management (EIM) company’s Enterprise World Conference at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center here.

“Where we are going is end-to-end customer journeys,” Maddox said. “We are redefining how people think of customer experience. It’s not just the experience where you first have to search for a product like in B2C. It’s the B2B relationships, too. They buy for a lifetime. They pick a vendor, and they’re in there. You need to retain a good relationship.”

OpenText's HP Buy

OpenText provides EIM offerings including CEM, enterprise content management (ECM), business process management (BPM), information exchange (IE), discovery and analytics.

With customer experience in particular, it provides web content management (WCM), digital asset management (DAM), customer communications management (CCM), social software and portals.

HP gave it a major boost.

In June, Palo Alto, Calif.-based HP Inc. struck a deal to divest its CX assets to OpenText for $170 million. 

OpenText acquired, along with HP employees:

  • HP TeamSite, a multichannel digital experience management platform for web content management
  • HP MediaBin, a digital asset management solution
  • HP Qfiniti, a workforce optimization solution
  • HP Explore, customer behavior analytics
  • HP Aurasma, an augmented reality program
  • HP Optimost, web testing, targeting, personalization

The digital experience sale continued two months later when HP sold more software assets to OpenText — this time for $315 million. It got the assets associated with HP Exstream, HP Output Management, HP TeleForm and HP LiquidOffice for customer communications management (CCM), process automation and document delivery solutions.

OpenText officials said these solutions will complement OpenText StreamServe and OpenText MediaManager and two platforms OpenText acquired in April from HP — OpenText TeamSite and OpenText MediaBin. It boosts OpenText offerings with authoring, workflow and composition for multichannel document presentment and interactive communications, officials promised.

Forrester analyst Mark Grannan, who follows the digital experience space, said Vignette (OpenText's web content management platform) and now Teamsite (HP) have a “huge install base.” 

“Experience with regards to the broader OpenText portfolio," Grannan added, "only seems to be important in-so-far as it will fuel insight.” 

Marketing, VOC Gains

OpenText is fully invested in CEM, Maddox said. She told CMSWire she sees the acquired assets from HP helping three areas:

Marketing Optimization

OpenText has already brought HP Optimost — now called OpenText Optimost — into its cloud. It works with OpenText’s web experience management and includes web testing, targeting and personalization.

Voice of the Customer (VOC)

Marci Maddox

Maddox said before the HP acquisitions, OpenText did not possess the capabilities to round out an end-to-end digital customer journey.

“For for us working in CEM, it was really siloed to marketing for the longest time,” Maddox said. “Now we’re really able to round out the customer loyalty piece with the advocacy with the Qfiniti and Explore products."

Qfiniti is a workforce optimization solution. Explore offers customer behavior analytics.

“Now we can take the customer from awareness to advocacy and all the way back again," Maddox said. "This fits in with our focus. We don’t want to see customer interactions being a one-time deal. There are multiple interactions at every stage of that lifecycle. It’s the culmination of all those interactions that really builds those experiences.”

OpenText will also be able to integrate its cognitive analytics platform next year — Project Magellan, announced by OpenText CEO Mark Barrenechea at Tuesday morning's keynote. Barrenechea did not hold back saying he's going after IBM Watson in cognitive technology competition.

Qfiniti Contact Center

Customer service representatives will be able to leverage customer analytics, use voice recognition and analyze customer sentiment among other capabilities.

“You can build a customer lifetime value metric for every customer and partnership you have,” Maddox said.

CEM Investment

Maddox added that for HP customers coming into the OpenText ecosystem, the “world of EIM is now available.”

“People say we’re customer-centric and then you follow their customer journey and see a bump here and a bump there,” Maddox said. 

“Customer experience is not just a marketing department strategy. It’s a C-level digital strategy all underpinned by understanding data and information across everything. It’s not just CEM but also analytics and business process management. I’m encouraged by where we’re going and where we’ve invested in CEM.”