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MACH Alliance, a group of independent tech companies that supports open technology ecosystems, announced this week it has added eight companies. The Alliance now has about 60 companies. A MACH architecture stands for Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless.

Who Joined the MACH Alliance?

The eight additional MACH Alliance members are: 

  • Akeneois: a product information administration (PIM) and product experience management (PXM) company.
  • Divante: provides ecommerce in a composable fashion.
  • Dynamic Yield: an experience optimization and personalization platform that integrates with content management system (CMS), commerce and email service providers (ESP).
  • Formidable: a design and engineering consultancy and open-source software organization. 
  • Nacelle: a data orchestration platform that integrates digital commerce platforms and CMSes and allows developers to build progressive web application (PWA) standards).
  • Pivotree: a company that integrates ecommerce, data management and supply chain. 
  • Publicis Sapient: a digital transformation consulting company that works with strategy, product, experience engineering and data.
  • TA Digital: a digital transformation consulting company that works on digital strategy, experience, data, content, commerce and marketing solutions. 

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MACH Companies Possess Composable Connectivity, Interchangeability

MACH Alliance's high accreditation standards are met by all of these members, according to Sonja Keerl, president of the MACH Alliance. Keerl told CMSWire that MACH-certified vendors include:

  • Composable connectivity: Other applications can connect via APIs.
  • Scalability: Cloud-native architecture means that upgrades are frictionless.
  • Interchangeability: Businesses can quickly add and replace software, as well as make changes on the fly without affecting the front end UX/UI.
  • Adaptability: The software's capabilities can be used with a variety of front ends.
  • Flexibility and transparency: This avoids vendor lock-in, allowing businesses to maintain control over their technology and adapt.

"From a more general standpoint, what these companies have in common is a desire to see MACH principles become the technical standard across the enterprise," Keerl told CMSWire. "They believe the old, monolithic approach to software that locks the buyer in and minimizes their technical autonomy is not the best way forward."

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What Does MACH Alliance Do for Tech Buyers?

So what does the MACH Alliance do for marketing, customer experience and other tech buyers?

"It means they can trust that the vendor only offers products that are MACH, and there’s no MACH-washing involved in the vendor’s statements about what they do and don’t offer," Keerl said. "It’s a stamp of approval that through the Alliance’s vetting process, we’ve done the work for you so you know exactly what you’re getting. The MACH Alliance certification has quickly become an insurance policy for companies moving to future-ready MACH architectures and is often requested now in RFPs." 

The stakeholders in an organization that support a MACH-based approach tend to be senior technology leaders, according to Keerl. In research the MACH Alliance conducted last year, respondents noted that the C-Suite at large is driving the shift to composable: 94% of global business leaders surveyed who hold C-Suite titles said they would not maintain the status quo in the future regarding their intention to increase MACH investment.

"The executive suite has clearly seen how a composable architecture can deliver real bottom-line impact," Keerl told CMSWire. "This is especially the case at a time when quickly adapting to evolving customer needs is so critical. This more modern approach enables a degree of flexibility and performance like never before."

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AWS Joins the MACH Party

It's been a whirlwind six-month period for the MACH Alliance leading up to this news this week, according to Keerl. MACH Alliance in December introduced the Enabler member category, which applies to businesses that are heavily used by MACH companies to deliver a MACH service or technology. In this area, AWS recently become a significant Alliance member, supporting MACH providers rather than providing a direct MACH solution.

“Also notable is that we’ve announced our first-ever MACH Alliance conference, MACH ONE, which will be held in June in London," Keerl said. "We’ll bring together executive leaders, tech decision makers and practitioners from the growing, global MACH ecosystem to share experiences and best practices that showcase how MACH propels digital experiences. We’re incredibly excited to finally have the opportunity to put this on.”