Shot inside the e-Spirit Boston office
E-Spirit is doubling down on personalization for its Digital Experience Hub.

E-Spirit has added an artificial intelligence-powered personalization content engine into its FirstSpirit Digital Experience Hub.

The Dortmund, Germany-based web content management provider is calling it the FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine. FirstSpirit is the company's web content management system that enables its Digital Experience Hub.

FirstSpirit Gets a Machine Learning Boost

Michael Gerard, chief marketing officer for e-Spirit, told CMSWire in an interview this week the Intelligent Content Engine helps complete the company's digital experience offering with personalization.

He called it a "major component" that supports the expansion of channels used by customers by helping marketers analyze internal and external data coupled with behavioral data. 

E-Spirit wanted to "step it up" when it comes to personalization and has done so, Gerard said, with AI- and machine learning-powered engines that personalize content delivered to prospects and customers.

The Intelligent Content Engine includes an advanced customer segmentation engine with AI. Marketers can personalize content, implement content and product recommendations and leverage automatic optimization and real-time messaging.

Personalized content is delivered using FirstSpirit Content as a Service (CaaS)

Screenshot of e-spirit Intelligent Content Engine

E-Spirit Intelligent Content Engine Capabilities

Capabilities for the Intelligent Content Engine include:

  • Automated personalization that can allow marketers to deliver synchronized and personalized content and page layouts
  • Real-time testing and optimization that allows marketers to use AI-powered testing and optimization algorithms
  • Product and content recommendations allows marketers to insert data-driven product, content and email recommendations
  • Behavioral-triggered incentivizing overlays and notifications, retargeting display ads, exit intent overlays, emails and more.

"The FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine will help marketers to finally tap into the power of data to create and deliver highly individualized content to their users in real-time, synchronized across any channel to outperform their competitors," Udo Straesser, chief revenue officer for e-Spirit, said in a statement. "We call this the digital experience edge and it aligns with our mission to be the leader in delivering personalized digital experiences, anytime, anywhere for maximum impact.”