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PHOTO: Patrick Robert Doyle

Digital experience platform provider Optimizely announced last week its entering into an agreement to acquire Welcome — which works to bring together marketing platform capabilities, marketing resource management and digital asset management into a single solution. The combined company now looks to empower marketing teams at brands across the globe, to create better customer experiences.

Optimizely sees the internal marketer experience as the driving force behind customer experience in today's digital-first landscape. According to the company, marketers, in an increasingly hybrid work environment, are responsible for both growing business and responding timely to digital customers. As a result, an increased need for help managing the complexity and fragmentation of marketing stacks compromises marketers' ability to deliver coherent experiences and deliver relevant content at scale.

In order to compete to deliver such solutions to marketers, Optimizely CEO Alex Atzberger says the company empowers marketers with a top of the line experience.

"We believe a world-class customer experience starts with an outstanding marketer experience," said Atzberger. "By combining Welcome's campaign planning, content production and asset management capabilities with Optimizely's existing breadth of digital experience solutions, we empower marketers to rapidly launch campaigns and control the optimization of every digital touchpoint which results in growth for the business."

Working with global brands like Panasonic, Sodexo and Pure Storage, Optimizely sees its position to empower digital teams as already transformational — since its acquisition of customer data platform Zaius earlier this year, moving to expand its offerings now with its acquisition of Welcome.

Subject to customary closing conditions and attainment of regulatory clearances, Optimizely's acquisition of Welcome is set to create a complete end-to-end portfolio meant to manage entire content lifecycles.

"As a marketing leader familiar with both platforms, the combination makes perfect sense," said Kristin Fallon, VP of Global Brand & Digital Marketing of GE Healthcare. "We've long dreamed for our own 'metaverse' — a digital collaboration space that enables data-driven content creation and distribution. Integrating experimentation and optimization into content lifecycle management via a single workflow will make us better marketers, creating a real impact on business growth."