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Practitioners in the world of digital customer experience yearn for better customer insights, more investment from senior leaders and improvement in the tools they use to craft experiences for customers, according to the CMSWire 2020 State of Digital Customer Experience. These concerns were reflected in the articles our readers found most popular over the course of this year, from Hertz's $32 million web design lawsuit to master data management trends to watch. Without further ado, we present CMSWire's 10 most popular customer experience articles from 2019.

10. 5 Master Data Management Trends to Watch

For those committed to staying at the cutting edge of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) and blockchain, mastering the art of data management is going to be even more vital in the near future. 

9. The Transformation of RPA to IPA: Intelligent Process Automation

The rapid development of new, scalable technology has contributed to the integration of AI, automation and customer data into business tools. The advanced capabilities of these tools makes both actionable decision-making and customer engagement easier and more meaningful.

8. SAP Paints a New Vision for the 'Experience Economy' at Sapphire Now

"When I say X, you say O — XO, XO." SAP CEO Bill McDermott rallied the crowd from the concert stage at the Amway Center in Orlando, Fla. It was the closing night of Sapphire Now, SAP's annual user conference and McDermott was using the minutes before Lady Gaga took the stage to drive home the conference messaging one more time. 

7. Sitecore Lays Off a Reported 70 Employees

Sitecore cut its workforce by about 70 people, or roughly 5% of its global workforce, CMSWire learned. The layoffs come following reports of a disappointing performance in the recently completed fourth quarter of fiscal year 2019. 

6. 8 Ways to Support a Customer-Obsessed Culture

Companies that care about their customers may not be able to truly deem themselves “customer-obsessed.” They may think or say they are because they focus on great products and great service. But the moniker of customer-obsessed goes deeper than that.

5. Don't Confuse Digital Transformation with Customer Experience

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably familiar with two popular industry buzzwords that are often mentioned in the same breath: digital transformation and customer experience.

4. Salesforce's Major Outage Reinforces Pitfalls of Cloud Software World

Salesforce reported an outage with its Pardot B2B marketing automation platform that began Friday, May 17 and lasted into the next week. The outage left users unable to perform their marketing tasks — but more than able to complain about it on Twitter. 

3. Will Microsoft Acquire Adobe?

Microsoft took advantage of the Adobe Summit in March to get in front of 17,000 marketers and tout its partnership with Adobe. Particularly, Microsoft and Adobe pushed an extension of the Open Data Initiative (ODI) partnership with SAP and their investment in Account-Based Experiences (ABX) with LinkedIn. Was it a sign of things to come?

2. How Will Adobe and Salesforce CDP Announcements Impact the Industry?

Adobe and Salesforce entered the customer data platform (CDP) mix this year, a big boon to marketers seeking validation as they look to fit CDPs into their marketing technology (martech) stacks. The digital experience software providers, which seem to be going head-to-head in the martech race, debuted CDPs within a day of one another.  

1. 10 Lessons from Hertz's $32M Web Design Lawsuit Against Accenture

The website redesign project that led to Hertz’s $32 million lawsuit against Accenture “was a catastrophic relationship meltdown of epic proportions,” according to Liz Miller, senior vice president of marketing for the CMO Council. Beyond the wrongs and rights of the Hertz-Accenture legal battle, there are many lessons to be learned for brands enlisting the digital services of agencies.