Digital business platform provider Magnolia formed a partnership with IBM in 2015 to integrate with its IBM Marketing Cloud. 

With the integration, Magnolia users could incorporate the email marketing, lead management and mobile engagement solutions the platform provided into their daily workflows.

When Armonk, NY-based IBM folded its Marketing Cloud under the broader umbrella of Watson Marketing in March, the capabilities expanded, which meant good news for Magnolia users. 

By installing the Magnolia Silverpop Module, Magnolia customers with a Watson Marketing account can plug their Magnolia instances into IBM Watson, bringing further capabilities for personalized content delivery based on scoring models derived from visitor behavior.

It's All About the Personalization

IBM Watson can, “analyze and interpret all of your data, including unstructured text, images, audio and video [with the aim of] providing personalized recommendations by understanding a user's personality, tone and emotion.”

Leaving the broader benefits to one side, CMSWire spoke to Basel, Switzerland-based Magnolia to find out how the integration would help marketers.

“After specifying some connection parameters, you gain full access to the Watson Marketing API,” a Magnolia spokesperson said.

“Once this connection is established, customers can take advantage of the pre-built components offered by Magnolia, extend these components, or create new custom components.”

With the integration in place, Magnolia users can expect two key benefits:

  1. Marketers can “personalize web content quickly and easily, based on personal data tracked and stored within Watson Marketing.”
  2. Marketers can deploy web forms that they create within Watson Marketing to their Magnolia pages without having to leave the Magnolia page editor. “Our users won’t have to bother with copy and pasting form snippets, nor will they need to worry about web form style issues.” 

According to the company, Magnolia chose IBM Watson because it provides their users an avenue into personalization without the need to create more content. The integration can break content down from the page level, to the component, allowing marketers to make small changes to suit different audiences.

Magnolia’s 'Strong Focus' on Personalization

The company claims its work on the Magnolia personalization engine is far from over. In fact, following an internal survey of 50 Magnolia customers, Magnolia will be “placing a strong focus on personalization.”

The study uncovered Magnolia users were eager to get started with personalization, but were struggling due to a fear of mass content creation and overanalysis.

According to the company, Magnolia customers can expect these features in the following months:

“We’re working on improving tagging features — a feature which will be introduced within the next months — to enable personalization without having to create more content variants.” 

“Authors who manage large amounts of content need better tagging. Tags are essential for finding, reusing and aggregating content. The improved tagging features will be lighter and faster, and allow authors to tag any coarse-grained content element, including pages, products and events.”