Skype for Business continues to attract a lot of love from third-party vendors — including Seattle-based Panopto.

With this week's upgrade of its video content management platform, Panopto included Skype for Business integration. Ari Bixhorn, vice president of marketing at Panopto, told CMSWire this is intended to simplify the management, sharing and search of Skype recordings.

Discoverable Video Content

Video content is a discoverable asset that needs to be managed, stored and produced for both legal and business reasons. But as the volume of video grows, so do difficulties searching and finding specific content.

Many web conferencing vendors have built basic capabilities into their offerings such as recording functionality, and audio and video capture. Skype for Business offers these capabilities, but Bixhorn said it's not enough. He pointed out that recordings are saved as MP4 files on the hard drive of the user, inaccessible to co-workers who may want to access them.

Additionally, the video file isn’t formatted for efficient streaming and the content within the video can’t be searched, limiting its value as an on-demand reference.

“Online meetings and web conferences are great for exchanging information and making decisions within distributed teams,” Bixhorn said.

“What they lack is a way to preserve all of the information covered during the meeting. This information should be preserved as part of the company's institutional knowledge."

Demand for Video

Bixhorn said the Panopto integration with Skype for Business is based on user demand. In the past two years, he explained, there has been increased interest in the recording and sharing of online meeting content.

“Companies have become accustomed to recording larger events like employee town hall meetings, and want to make them available on-demand. In addition, video is becoming more of a cultural norm at work, particularly among millennial employees. When these employees need to look for information, they'll often favor video as a data type.”

He also noted the demand for online meeting recording isn't Skype-specific and that there is demand and opportunities to build similar integrations with other popular web conferencing tools.

Panopto's Advantage

Bixhorn said Panopto automates the uploading of recordings from Skype, GoToMeeting and other web conferencing applications. tools. 

“This eliminates manual uploads, and helps ensure that more valuable content ends up in the video content management system (CMS) where it can be referenced by the video owner and shared securely with co-workers,” he explained.

Once the video has been uploaded to the user's personal folder, Panopto uses an automatic speech recognition (ASR) algorithm to index the speech within the video, and optical character recognition (OCR) to index the words that appear on-screen during the meeting.

Emerging Video Trends

The Panopto upgrades respond to what Bixhorn sees as emerging trends:


A video CMS can sometimes become a destination location within organizations (a "Corporate YouTube"). However, unless the video CMS is integrated with such things as traditional CMSs and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, it runs the risk of becoming yet another information silo. 

Shift from hardware to software

The cost and size of audio visual (AV) hardware has plummeted in the last decade. As a result, video capture and management is more accessible to a broader audience.

Focus on ease of use

Video recording and sharing is no longer exclusive to the AV team. More and more employees without extensive AV experience are using video to communicate and share information. As a result, video content management vendors are investing heavily in the user experience of their products. 

Video Market Maturity

Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management now includes 17 vendors. There have also been some notable acquisitions in the last year or two, including Ustream by IBM and Mediacore by WorkDay. Most recently, Microsoft entered the video content management market with Microsoft Stream.

Panopto plans to integrate its video CMS with other CMSs, learning management systems and web conferencing tools.

“We're also looking for ways to automate video capture and production workflows. The easier we make it for employees to capture valuable information and share it with co-workers, the greater the value of their organization's video repository,” Bixhorn said.