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Your content is only as good as your digital assets. You need to be able to find and share them.

Nuxeo’s Mike Urbonas, director of product marketing, drove home these points in a recent CMSWire webinar, "5 Ways to Transform your Digital Content into Valuable Digital Assets." Nuxeo has dual headquarters in New York City and Paris.

“We believe content is at the very core of your business success,” said Urbonas. “It’s the evidence used for decision-making. It’s the value-added result of a large, collaborative effort or it could be the end product itself.”

If you’re not able to share content easily, the value of the digital asset just isn’t there. In fact, Urbonas said, it’s not an asset at all.

No DAM Assets

Your digital asset management (DAM) system should be able to maximize the value of enterprise content and match your company’s own unique business workflows and logic. It should also be able to produce content on demand in any channel.

It should be an “end to end platform” that’s “cloud-ready” and “content-focused” to produce customized workflows to provide maximum extensibility at enterprise scale.

Urbonas said too many enterprises rely on legacy systems that don't allow for easy content sharing — and that holds businesses back from acting upon key business processes.

“When is an asset not really an asset?” Urbonas asked. “When it provides … no value back to you.”

He cited a statistic from the Real Story Group that claims only 50 percent of digital asset implementations are successful. And Gleanster Research reported 67 percent of organizations are struggling to effectively reuse digital assets.

Strong APIs

TBWA Worldwide implemented its DAM program with the Nuxeo Platform. The New York City-based advertising agency wanted to streamline and centralize its marketing programs into a hub model.

Based on Nuxeo as a new development framework, the TBWA team delivered its platform at a greatly increased speed and with more flexibility in designing workflows, according to Stefan Born, IT director for TBWA Worldwide in Germany.

With the redesigned platform, TBWA was able to handle client requests and meet additional requirements. They streamlined and integrated an overall process, automated critical tasks and reduced errors that occur at the human interfaces.

Ultimately, it gave clients a “means to handle more assets,” Born said.

Andy McCown, senior software developer and development team lead at TBWA Worldwide, said the Nuxeo Studio web-based tool was easy to manage. TBWA was able to implement the tools without the help of a development team.

Nuxeo Studio helps enterprises configure the Nuxeo Platform and its modules for building content management applications. He liked that it was a platform based on strong APIs that allows you to build a DAM on top of the APIs.

“You can really quickly create new data schemas, new document types and create workflows around those document types,” he said. “When you’re looking at all those steps and workflows pretty much all of that was accomplished in a few weeks in Nuxeo Studio.”

DAM Search Tips

screenshot of a slide in the cmswire-nuxeo webinar on digital asset management

Nuxeo’s Urbonas urged enterprises when looking for an enterprise-class DAM to consider these capabilities:

  • Utilizes content as digital objects and not as just files
  • Provides a highly customizable content model to match precise needs
  • Enables integration of workflow logic within your digital assets
  • Offers maximized future-proof flexibility and extensibility (e.g., integrating cloud-based content)
  • Provides all this and more at enterprise scale, with cloud-ready deployment
Title image by Vadim Sherbakov