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Five months after Aprimo acquired DAM vendor ADAM, it revealed new capabilities, features and a move to the cloud PHOTO: Stefan Rayner

It's been a roller coaster year-and-a-half for Aprimo. 

The marketing operations provider effectively reclaimed its name and original mission after Marlin Equity Partners acquired Teradata Marketing Applications. Then it acquired digital asset management (DAM) vendor ADAM Software in March.

And now it has rolled out a new Software-as-a-Service application that has reimagined ADAM for the Aprimo platform as well as added new scale, heft and functions to the product line up. The new app runs on the Azure cloud and has an open API, which includes prepackaged connectors to many separate applications including Demandware, Sitecore and Adobe Experience Manager.

A New Digital World

"ADAM took us into the digital world," Aprimo CEO John Stammen told CMSWire. Admittedly, as a marketing operations platform, Aprimo needed ADAM or something similar to fill the operations gap that the explosion of customer channels over the years had created. "The average customer uses 23 channels," Stammen said. "ADAM allowed us to meet those needs."

Putting ADAM in the cloud and enhancing it with new features, "allows us to scale, allows us to innovate must faster and allows us to help our users interconnect and interoperate with other apps."

The Benefits of the Cloud

Being in the cloud also meant Aprimo could accelerate its product roadmap for ADAM in several categories, Stammen said. Its search function, for example, is much faster and easier to use, he said. "Assets can be stored so they are easily found and users don’t have to pay an agency to repurpose it," Stammen said.

Aprimo has also enhanced its records management structure, marrying product content with image content so all file types can be stored one database with one user interface.

Aprimo also added integration to the marketing function’s productivity workflow, so when an asset is pulled from the library it can go through a review process.

The Bigger Picture

Ultimately, though, the new SaaS app is more than just a collection of new features and a cloudified version of ADAM: it is also a bridge between ADAM and its enterprise caliber DAM functionality and Aprimo’s core strengths. 

"What we are creating by merging Adam and our own marketing operations is a rich source, a single point of truth where all assets can be stored and repurposed for marketers to access," Stammen said.