Norwich, UK-based SessionCam, provider of an analytics tool that allows you to watch recordings of your website visitors, just released a new product to help marketers enhance conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Its Customer Struggle Score (CS Score) applies advanced machine-learning to identify obstacles to customer engagement during online shopping sessions. It automatically flags areas of a website that frustrate visitors to the extent that they leave or head to a competitor's site.

The tool is designed to help site owners diagnose, fix and optimize their high-traffic e-commerce sites faster and more accurately.

Taking Analytics Deeper

SessionCam founder and CEO Kevin Goodings told CMSWire the CS Score enables sites to measure the level of struggle within a customer's journey through a website. Until now, he contended, it took significant time and expertise to determine such metrics with existing web analytic solutions.

“Marketers are dealing with an explosion of data points they need to understand to optimize the customer experience and conversion effectiveness of the website. It's been a time consuming and resource intensive process. We wanted to simplify the process of finding and prioritizing high-value insights,” Goodings said.

He expects CS Score to "transform the market."


SessionCam’s Strategy

Founded in 2009, SessionCam developed technology to record and understand customer interactions on e-commerce and other high-traffic websites. The goal is to help its clients a deeper understanding of their consumers, Goodings said.

Its session replay, heat-mapping and conversion-funnel technology enables clients to optimize their online user experience and increase conversion rates, he explained. A cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution, it was developed by the vendor’s in-house engineering team, which provides full support for the implementation and operation of the technology.

The support element of the company is important, Goodings said, because skilled analytics professionals are in short supply — making it difficult for businesses to analyze and identify website issues alone, especially as data flowing through websites and the number of customer-facing data points grows.

The new CS Score works in the background to identify and highlight behavior that indicates website usability issues.

Goodings said it provides insights into website changes and problems, identifies conversion issues and helps businesses track changes over time to understand trends. Its fully automated algorithm works across devices with no additional set-up requirements, he added.

Goodings called greater automation through machine learning a significant new trend.  In coming months, Goodings said SessionCam will refine the CS Score algorithm to improve its ability to identify customer pain points.