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Sitecore, a digital experience software provider, had a big launch last week. The company released new versions of its experience and commerce platforms — Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) 10 and Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) 10.

It’s been a hot July and August for experience software news. The Sitecore news comes a couple of weeks after another big move in the digital experience platform (DXP) market: competitor Acquia, touting its open marketing cloud and Drupal-hosting technologies, unveiled its own DXP in July. Sitecore, whose North America headquarters is San Francisco, is seen by many industry leaders as a direct competitor to Episerver and Adobe in the DXP space, which by one industry estimate will be worth $15.7 billion by 2025.

How are Sitecore company officials positioning the latest experience (XP 10) and commerce (XC 10) releases as standouts? XP 10, available as of last week, offers full container support which leads to “smooth deployment flows between environments through consistency, isolation and reproducibility,” Sitecore officials promised in a press release. It includes deeper insights for audience segmentation and an ability to filter analytics reports by audience segment.

Other XP 10 updates include:

  • Data capabilities, coupled with ability to extend targeting with auto-personalization.
  • Editing interface providing insights across multilingual and multisite experiences.
  • Updated connector functionality to send current visitor experience database (xDB) information to Salesforce Marketing Cloud in to drive Salesforce marketing automation.

XC 10’s commerce release includes a new product bundling capability, designed to allow brands to sell related and complementary products and services together at one price. It also includes broad support for Docker, Containers and Kubernetes. Both releases follow the recent launch of Sitecore Content Hub 3.4, which offers enhanced digital asset management (DAM). X10 will be available in mid-August.

In other customer experience and digital marketing software news ...

Drift Launches Drift Prospector

Drift, a revenue acceleration platform, has launched Drift Prospector. This new offering is designed to centralize data and provide insights that helps sellers connect with more of their buyers. The company is moving beyond its original conversational marketing offering into technology that serves both sales and marketing: revenue acceleration.

Drift Prospector includes the ability to:

  • Collect buying signals on contacts and accounts to build an engagement score that automatically prioritizes target accounts.
  • Uncover and centralize contacts at an account that are engaging with sales and marketing programs.
  • Send notifications when someone visits a website, opens an email or watches a video.

Drift Prospector is available to Drift Premium and Enterprise customers.

Terminus Partners With Salesforce Pardot

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has met marketing automation in a partnership between Terminus and Salesforce. Terminus, an ABM provider, and Salesforce Pardot, which offers marketing automation, have integrated in a move designed to allow marketers to “combine the best of both worlds,” company officials said in a press release.

The integration features:

  • Bi-directional data sync: Build segments for targeted advertising in Terminus based on Pardot data, or activate drip marketing campaigns in Pardot with account engagement data from Terminus. Alert sales and customer success of at-risk accounts or opportunities.
  • Lead-to-account matching and data hygiene: Map all orphaned leads to the appropriate account, build customized marketing programs around the entire buying group within an account and uncover missing decision-makers within a target account.

Optimove Releases Customer-Led Journeys

Optimove, which offers a relationship marketing hub, has announced the general availability of Optimove’s Self-Optimizing Journeys. The AI-powered solution autonomously determines the next-best-communication for each individual customer based on what will create the greatest impact on their customer lifetime value, according to company officials.

Optimove had the product in beta since late 2019. Optimove users automatically get the benefits of the new release.

Wunderman Thompson Joins Braze Alloys Solutions Partners

Braze, a customer engagement platform, has announced that Wunderman Thompson (WT) has joined the company as a new solutions partner within the Braze Alloys partnership ecosystem.

WT is agency, consultancy and technology company that has specialists certified in use of the Braze platform. WT will be able to offer clients a best-of-breed marketing technology solution through Braze. Company officials said the Braze platform can integrate with existing ecosystems, both built and bought.

Braze customers can now look to WT for guidance in the use of data and technology to better understand the consumer and deliver inspired experiences, according to Braze company officials.