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The customer data platform (CDP) industry had quite a week this week, with Salesforce and Adobe unveiling plans for CDP offerings and Oracle getting into the CDP mix through a partnership.

Salesforce Brings CDP to CRM 

Salesforce's CDP will be included in the next generation of its Customer 360 platform. Company officials claim it extends CRM with consumer-scale data management and activation. Salesforce introduced Customer 360 at Dreamforce 2018. It allows companies to connect Salesforce apps and create a unified customer ID. Salesforce CDP includes data unification and consent management, advanced audience segmentation, personalized engagement and optimization based on Salesforce Einstein insights. 

Salesforce also announced new Einstein AI enhancements to its Salesforce Marketing Cloud to boost the relevance of email marketing messages.

Adobe Adds CDP for Experience Use Case

Adobe announced the first four use cases of its Adobe Experience Platform that brands can leverage for customer experience management (CXM). This includes a real-time CDP that is designed to bring together known and unknown customer data to activate customer profiles. It is built as an open and extensible ecosystem that allows enterprises to use APIs and integration with the rest of Adobe Experience Cloud for marketing stack connections.

Adobe also announced a capability in its Adobe Campaign email marketing tool called Triggered Journeys, which allows B2C marketers to set up messaging that’s initiated and customized by customers’ actions.

Oracle Partners With Accenture, Capgemini to Address 'Hype, Confusion'

Oracle is collaborating with Accenture and Capgemini to "address the hype and confusion" around CDPs. This will feature technology and best practices that help organizations understand and map different customer data sources and define business outcomes and key performance indicators for customer intelligence projects. Oracle officials stated in a press release that the first wave of CDP solutions "has failed to address the challenge of creating a single and dynamic view of the customer due to the complexity of integration, the need to address the entire customer journey and a limited set of use cases/capabilities centered on B2C marketing." Oracle also claimed its Oracle CX Unity product launched last year "goes one step further than existing CDP solutions by applying built-in machine learning to prescribe the optimal experience within existing business processes."

In other customer experience software news ...

Forrester Names B2B CDP Leaders

Elsewhere in the CDP world, Forrester released its first CDP Wave report, the Forrester New Wave™: B2B Customer Data Platforms, Q2 2019 (paywall). It identified the 13 "most significant" providers in the category: Arm Treasure Data, BlueVenn, CaliberMind, Celebrus, Dun & Bradstreet, Evergage, FirstHive, Lattice Engines, Leadspace, Lytics, Radius Intelligence, Tealium and Zylotech.

CallRail Expands Into Online Form Tracking

CallRail, a call tracking and analytics provider, expanded into online form tracking. CallRail's platform is designed to help businesses track phone calls back to the ads, web pages and keywords. It now will make its multi-touch attribution insights available through form submissions to capture leads. Marketers can design and embed custom-built forms on web pages to capture leads. This data can also be sent to marketing platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads or Facebook Business Manager.

Acquia Debuts New Personalization Capabilities

Acquia this week announced a new Acquia Lift, its personalization tool. It includes a unified interface, making it possible to execute all profile management, segmentation and personalization activities in one place. Acquia Lift capabilities include campaign creation, testing and targeting, personalization campaign types and abilities to launch A/B tests, target personalizations to specific audiences or recommend content.

Ada Introduces ‘Automation to Agent’ Customer Experience

Ada, which provides automated customer experiences, has launched Ada Glass, which will allow customers to be routed from Ada’s AI-powered chatbot to live chat platform partners including Zendesk, SalesForce and Nuance. It is a new feature of Ada’s ACX platform and helps users connect customers with live support agents directly within Ada’s chatbot interface.

Google Releases Predictive Marketing Analytics

Google announced BigQuery ML, a capability inside BigQuery that allows data scientists and analysts to build and operationalize machine learning models on structured or semi-structured datasets. BigQuery ML allows users unfamiliar with programming languages like Python and Java will be able to build machine learning models with basic SQL, according to Google officials. Google included an open-sourced repository of SQL templates for common machine learning use cases, the first of which is tailored specifically for marketing. It is built in collaboration with SpringML, a Google Cloud Platform partner. 

Helpshift Launches Customer Conversations

Helpshift announced Connected Customer Conversations and Helpshift for Phone, which is designed to connect digital channels, phone support, self-service and bots and embed these within a single messaging thread. Customers can get support through self-service and bots and then route customers to an agent on their channel of choice.