Chris Benedetto
Pegasystem's Chris Benedetto said his company is advancing its AI capabilities and enhancing another part of the sales process.

Pegasystems is adding artificial intelligence (AI) to Pega Sales Automation product.

The announcement comes two weeks after the Cambridge, Mass.-based business process and customer relationship management vendor added AI and robotic automation capabilities to its customer relationship management (CRM) offerings.

The new capabilities aim to "inform better sales strategies with specific actions" and "improve win probability," the company noted. They include:

  • Predictive analytics to assess the probability of a deal moving to the next stage, the chances of winning an account, and the date the deal will likely close
  • Projected probable sales results
  • AI-fueled insights to advance and close deals

Sales Automation is one of Pegasystems core CRM apps. They all rely on the Pega Customer Decision Hub, a centralized hub that enables real-time decision making and machine learning.

Advances Pegasystem's Capabilities

Chris Benedetto, director of Marketing, Sales Automation and Onboarding at Pegasystems, told CMSWire this update advances Pegasystem's AI capabilities and enhances another part of the sales process.

“Sales Automation focuses on creating more effective sales cycles and winning more deals. It leverages AI to help sales reps/agents identify opportunities and take the next best action to move leads from prospects to customers,” he said.

“The earlier Workforce Intelligence announcement is focused on increasing productivity and efficiency. It uses workforce intelligence capabilities to understand how sales and service agents work so organizations can weed out process inefficiencies and optimize their staff’s time and effort with robotic desktop automation capabilities.

Pegasystems has been capitalizing on AI for some time now.

“It's not a new strategy, but a continuation of how we intend to leverage predictive analytics, machine learning and decisioning to drive intelligent insights that improve both the agent and customer experience," he said, adding that it's a "core differentiator" for the company.