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Enterprises Get a Piece of the Act-On

Act-On Software, a marketing automation company, released Act-On for Enterprise. Company officials claim it will better service the demands of its growing enterprise customer base, "while maintaining the simplicity and usability that distinguishes it in the SMB marketplace.”  

The enhanced platform, designed for larger scale, global companies with more complex marketing needs, includes the following key capabilities:

  • Multi-Dimensional Lead Scoring
  • Security Assertion Mark-Up Language (SAML) Integration
  • Data Studio
  • Data Portability and BI

Gal Josefsberg, Vice President of Product Management at Beaverton, Ore.-based Act-On Software, said enterprises can capitalize on "ease of use and a streamlined implementation process, and as a result realize ROI quicker.”

act-on data studio screenshot

Programmatic Creative Accelerates

Jivox screenshotStill using dynamic creative for advertising? That’s so 2015, according to a new survey released this week by interactive advertising technology company Jivox.

Respondents from an array of advertising agencies, publishers and brands, including Carat, NBC Universal, Comedy Central, CBS Corporation, Disney ABC TV Group, Campbell’s Soup and Razorfish, among others, are looking towards programmatic creative.

The survey found programmatic is “poised to accelerate” in 2016.

Key findings of the survey, using responses from over 165 ad agency executives, include:

  • 87 percent of advertisers are incorporating programmatic into their ad buying strategies
  • 66 percent of responding advertisers now use programmatic solutions for nearly one quarter of their ad buys
  • 64 percent of advertisers are making data-driven decisions about optimization and customization of advertising content
  • Nearly a third of advertisers are using data, such as location, timing and weather to inform creative variations
  • Nearly 40 percent of responding advertisers agreed that data driven dynamic advertising is the most important component of their digital advertising strategies in 2015, with programmatic media buying a close second

Diaz Nesamoney, CEO and founder of San Mateo, Calif.-based Jivox believes the future of media buying will be in programmatic creative. “As brands have harvested the efficiencies and performance of programmatic media buying, they are turning to relevant creative – delivering the right message to the right person at the right time using data and technology,” she said.

A PDF with the full results of the report is available for download.

TouchCommerce Talks Up Conversation Platform

Omnichannel engagement company TouchCommerce updated its Conversation Platform to allow enterprise customers to add the platform's live chat experience to any of their native mobile apps.

Some of the updates include:

  • A new integration framework, which allows enterprises to integrate client and third party data into the RightTouch system
  • Customer and agent engagement APIs, which enables third parties to integrate the TouchCommerce live chat and agent console functionality into their applications
  • The ability to extract, in real time, RightTouch engagement metrics (i.e. targeted, engaged, converted) and transcript (conversation) data into external systems

Bernard Louvat, president and CEO of Agoura Hills, Calif.-based TouchCommerce, said updates enable the company's products to integrate more easily with brands’ existing systems. It's also "more flexible on the back-end for helping brands understand, serve and convert their customers.”

touchcommerce screenshot

Marimedia’s New Facebook Friend

AreaOne just became Taptica’s — formerly Marimedia — permanent Facebook friend at a cost of up to $17 million in cash and shares over two years. The acquisition is expected to benefit Taptica’s existing clients with “more impactful campaigns" through access to Facebook.

Performance marketing technology company AreaOne, headquartered in Tel Aviv, was the first Facebook marketing partner to open offices in Beijing, China, in July. The partnership will give Taptica an initial footprint into Asian markets, company officials said.

According to Hagai Tal, CEO of Herzliya, Israel based Taptica, the addition of established social media marketing capabilities to the company's existing big data expertise will help it grow and "keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital media market in which we operate.”

The Heart of Doxee

If your GUI is a little too gooey and your e-statements aren’t interacting, it’s time to call the eDox – or rather Doxee’s eDox Interactive Communication solution, made available this week by the customer communication management company.

The HTML5 based application, according to officials, “offers a more efficient and compliant process for creation and delivery,” for businesses and “easy-to-read and simple-to-use graphic user interface, viewable on mobile devices,” for consumers. The results, they claim, are lower printing and delivery costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Bills and statements viewed on the eDox “mini website” interface are easier for consumers to understand which ultimately lowers the overall call volume to support centers, the company claims.

Ron Friedman, COO of San Jose, Calif.-based Doxee, said customers have expressed “great enthusiasm for the Doxee eDox solution.”

Quick on the Triggering Solution

Software-as-a-Service vendor Confirmit this week released a location and beacon triggering solution to “better understand and act upon ‘in-the-moment’ customer behavior.” 

Developed for users of Confirmit Horizons, the application, according to officials, will “harness mobile, location and beacon technology” for use by survey organizations such as Voice of the Region and Market Research Solution.

The program uses geo-fencing or beacon technology through shopping apps to correlate location-based data with purchase patterns and other demographic information in order to customize surveys with a branded app. The data is then captured and stored in Confirmit SmartHub and combined with other data for customer behavior analyses.

Terry Lawlor, EVP of Product Management at Oslo, Norway-based Confirmit claims the development of this solution will: “enable our customers to correlate location-based data with other rich sources of customer data, such as purchase patterns and demographics, to deliver unparalleled customer and market intelligence.”

Anyone up for some geocaching?

Reaching for the Marketing Crescendo

The folks in booth #76 at Content Marketing World in Ohio may have been hoping attendees could hear the metaphorical sound of rising efficiency for marketing teams when Crescendo Content Marketing launched.

“Built by marketers for marketers,” Crescendo, according to company officials is: “a complete system that replaces the need for many point solutions used by today’s marketers to publish, distribute and measure the performance of content.”

Officials at the closed-loop B2B marketing system boast that it will “help marketing teams improve the efficiency of content marketing lifecycle” through key stages including: 

  • Creating and optimizing web content
  • Publishing and amplifying for maximum exposure
  • Analyzing and suggesting leads, opportunities and deals through APIs

Claudine Bianchi, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer for the Woburn, Mass.-based company, said Crescendo helps growing content marketing teams improve productivity and also "ensure their focus is on doing more of what impacts the bottom-line, not just for buzz.”

Maestro, if you will! 

Title image by Bethany Legg.