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Instreamatic, which provides a voice marketing platform, released a product that allows customers and prospects to engage with brands via voice messages. The new offering, called Speaky, allows customers and prospects to leave short audio notes at any physical or digital brand touch point in a new communication system. Speaky analyzes the ideas, recommendations, suggestion and other insights that consumers convey orally and then gives real-time reporting for companies to put that knowledge into action via speech AI.

Speaky Enables Users Express Themselves Through Voice

“Communication between brand and customer remains an often-frustrating experience," Stas Tushinskiy, CEO of Palo Alto, Calif.-based Instreamatic, told CMSWire. "Many businesses leave their customers feeling like they aren't being heard. It's also a persistent challenge for brands to get the level of insight needed from customers to demonstrably drive customer experience improvements. Speaky bridges that gap. Audio messages with Speaky enable customers to have their say instantly, effectively, and in their own words."

Speaky analyzes communications using artificial intelligence to measure how a person feels in their verbal communications. Tushinskiy feels this provides opportunities to express emotion, and it's also a more helpful method than surveys or questionnaires that traditionally come with a customer experience management program. Companies can communicate with consumers as Speaky analyzes qualitative data in real time.

Speaky is a solution for those charged with improving the customer experience their brand offers. Depending on the organization, that could be marketing leaders, CMOs, CDOs, more general business managers, etc. By receiving direct spoken feedback from customers, they can implement ideas and advice immediately, according to Tushinskiy.

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Moving to Voice Beyond Traditional CX Feedback

Instreamatic had previously released interactive voice ads and saw another opportunity where voice AI technology could help brands and consumers communicate. Customers wanted to engage with customers through voice in other areas of their business, and wanted to have longer, and deeper, engagement where a customer can describe at length what’s on their mind, according to Tushinskiy.

“Here was the problem we noticed: today, it takes too much time and effort for customers to connect with companies," he added. "Feedback surveys pose vague, unnecessary questions, chatbots are difficult to communicate with and customer service calls take hours just to connect. These methods are slow, outdated and irritating — wasting customers’ time and brands’ resources. Most importantly, they fail to collect meaningful data."

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What’s Next for Speaky? 

Instreamatic plans to update Speaky with the release sentiment analysis tools for brands, as well as an enhanced, more complete and dynamic insights dashboard. Speaky is now fully operational and accessible for use. Speaky offers a free 30-day trial period for companies. Following that, there is a $99 per month membership fee.

Instreamatic earlier released the use of voice-activated advertisements with Pandora and other large audio streaming services. Interactive speech advertisements replace standard one-way audio advertisements or banner advertisements.