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CRM platform Hubspot announced the launch of its new and enhanced Service Hub on March 15, 2022. The customer service software enables businesses to prioritize customer experience through improved team productivity and enhanced interactions. 

These new features were inspired by HubSpot's community ideas forum. Customer portals earned 455 votes and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) garnered 53 votes from four SLA community postings.

Poorvi Shrivastav, VP & GM of Service Hub at HubSpot, told CMSWire, "Our product teams honed in on the need for more connectivity between service and sales teams, including more automation and data leveraged from the fully integrated CRM."  

Expanded Functionality Allows for Better Service

Hubspot first introduced Service Hub in 2018. This relaunch, which comes after four years of expansion, will include more tools to deepen customer-brand relationships while increasing team efficiency.

The three areas of focus include:

  • Customizable Help Desk: Includes secure customer portals, which help manage ticket conversations between customers and employees, increasing resolution times. Also offers mobile inboxes, which allow teams to collaborate on the go.
  • Comprehensive Channel Offerings: With inbound calling, currently in beta testing, brands can track calls from customers right within the CRM platform. Plus, post-chat feedback capabilities allow for instant and improved response rates, as compared to waiting for a response from a follow-up email. 
  • CRM-Powered Automation: Uses customer feedback to determine user preferences and assist in creating relevant interactions. Also offers SLA tools that allow the prioritization of incoming requests, boosting customer satisfaction. 

"Service Hub is differentiated by how it empowers authenticity in customer service, by prioritizing the customer experience and delivering authentic service when your customers need you most," said Shrivastav.

Using Service Hub, businesses will be able to see every front-office interaction with customers, prioritizing customer experience each step of the way. With all of the tools available in one place, brands can stop worrying about their IT stack and instead focus on serving customers.

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A Focus on Convenient, All-in-One Solutions

Previously, in October of 2021, HubSpot launched a new end-to-end payment solution designed to provide a more connected buyer experience.


This addition, named HubSpot Payments, is nestled within the CRM platform and allows brands to begin collecting digital payments without developing custom code or piecing together various interfaces. Instead, it offers a one-stop solution for marketers. Plus, digital payments, compared to checks or cash, reduce the risk of human error.

The result is a simplified and secure purchasing process that customers benefit from, allowing them to purchase and pay with only a few clicks. 

This integration, native to HubSpot's website, reporting, automation and CRM, also offers: 

  • Payment links, usable on websites or in email and chat, to reduce transaction times
  • Recurring payment options for memberships, retainers, donations and more
  • Instant payments through the Sales Hub once a customer has signed
  • Ability to integrate with other well-known financial systems

Moving forward, HubSpot expects to further expand on the help desk experience, adding more options for customizing the customer portal and promoting self-service. Future plans also include a WhatsApp integration, new APIs, advanced routing capabilities and enhanced SLA features.