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Vancouver-based Hootsuite, a social media management platform, has joined TikTok's Marketing Partner Program. Customers of Hootsuite, an official badged partner, can now manage TikTok content alongside other social media platforms.

Maggie Lower, CMO at Hootsuite, called this a "game-changing product integration for social marketers and individuals looking to elevate their content sharing experience on TikTok."

TikTok is on a significant campaign to add companies to its marketing partner program.

TikTok's Features Inside Hootsuite Platform

This integration launch is centered on empowering businesses to explore the potential of TikTok, Lower added. Customers will have the option to grow their TikTok content via the features accessible inside the Hootsuite dashboard, including:

  • Manage: Schedule and publish content to TikTok within the Hootsuite platform.
  • Engage: Moderate and engage with comments in real-time.
  • Understand: Gain insights on post-performance and user engagement to gain a deep understanding of audience motivations, informing future content and campaign development.

"While some of our users have been eagerly awaiting this integration to scale their content, others are understandably more intimidated by the platform," Lower said. "With that in mind, Hootsuite is launching a full suite of educational resources to take the fear out of TikTok and support customers through this integration, including an in-depth Culture Guide, newsletter, regional workshops and webinars, blog content series and more." 

The integration is now available for all Hootsuite customers subscribed to paid plans. As a standard practice, Hootsuite follows a phased approach when rolling out big product releases.

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Social Media Managers, Marketers, Others Enter TikTok Mix

This integration will be of particular use to social media managers and marketers who have been generating and posting content natively on TikTok, according to Lower. However, it will also be of use to those who've not yet begun to explore this field.

"But, we see the opportunity for this integration to also expand outside the realm of marketing," she said. "In our Social Trends Report, we’ve identified that one of the major trends of 2022 is the role of social media maturing out of the marketing department. More and more, social is being utilized across organizations and expanding the capabilities available to customers to manage their social strategy will translate into departments outside of marketing."

The product launch came from a combination of both feedback from customers, as well as internal innovation. After reviewing customer feedback, they found that 38.5% of customers were active users and utilized TikTok as part of their social strategy. TikTok’s ad audience reach grew faster in the first three months of 2022 than it did in the final three months of 2021, she added.

What’s Next for Hootsuite? 

Last quarter, Hootsuite had some new updates in its product roadmap. Looking ahead into the future of solutions, it's focused on three different buckets in terms of prioritization:

  • Setting customers up for success while delivering a single, cohesive experience
  • Becoming the most helpful and most insightful platform in the space by providing context within the Hootsuite platform that makes it easy for customers to take action on insights and recommendations
  • Becoming an essential part of customers’ marketing stack and becoming a competitive edge for them within their respective industries

“The social and ad landscape is shifting at lightning speed," Lower said, "and this integration could not be more timely for social marketers looking to adapt to these shifts and scale their social content to meet their business goals."