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The team at Highspot wants to make it easier for salespeople to share content with prospects and customers, share their screens during product demonstrations and analyze their own sales performance.

Those are the goals of the Seattle-based sales enablement software vendor’s platform update. It includes a feature that lets salespeople share screens with one click via the web, without requiring prospects to download software.

Web-Based Sharing

Highspot will integrate its Screen Share and Slide Cast capabilities, which allow users to switch between slides and screen share demos via web-based frameworks. Highspot boasts that it allows sales reps to focus on the customer and drive a more effective meeting.

Highspot is also launching its Content Genomics, a patented machine learning technology that analyzes content. The updates also include advances in the platform’s Sales Enablement Analytics such as Data-pivot, which provides analysis of content use, customer engagement and pitching performance analytics based on filters including user, content, sales group, content type and spot.

Highspot CEO Robert Wahbe, a former Microsoft executive who founded Highspot in 2012, said today’s updates drive home what his company sees as key sales pillars: connecting sales to the right content, giving sales the ability to share content and giving them analytics to what matters.

“On the customer side, this is a wonderful, seamless experience,” Wahbe said of the screen sharing function.

'Best' Analytics

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As for analytics, the Highspot platform can deliver analysis on what makes good salespeople tick -- what content was in their deck, how much time they spent and more.

“We have the best analytics. There is no debate,” Wahbe said.

“It’s accurate and patented. No one else has it. Rather than canned reports with pretty pictures, we actually build BI for sales enablement and can pivot the data.”

The launch includes several additional product features to enhance user experience, sales effectiveness and overall performance. 

screenshot of the highspot platform

The features released today include:

  • Slide Cast: Allows sales reps to pitch content directly to a browser window
  • Screen Share integration: Enables switching from Slide Cast to Screen Share
  • Customer portals: Creates a static online pitch portal for sales reps to share with their customers coupled with content engagement analytics
  • Content Genomics: Product release of Content Genomics including Content Comparison report to track the evolution of content
  • Analytics Data-pivot: Filter and pivot analysis in each core Sales Enablement performance report in order to analyze content performance
  • Promoted spots and people: Provides marketers with the tools to promote sales-ready content directly to sales teams in highlighted portals

Sales enablement software is historically clunky and hard to use, he said. "If it’s hard to use then guess what? People stop using it. If you can’t get them to use it every day, nothing else matters,” he said.

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