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Adobe has unveiled Intelligent Services, a service built on Adobe Experience Platform that is designed to allow organizations to enable artificial intelligence (AI). Adobe officials said users will be able to stitch together unstructured data under a common language through the new services.

The services offering also includes governance features to stay abreast of industry regulation and corporate policies for consumer safeguards. Users can also configure the services for use cases specific to customer experience management.

Features include:

  • Customer AI: Analyze historical and real-time data across the businesses.
  • Attribution AI: Teams can quantify the incremental impact of each marketing touchpoint.
  • Journey AI: This beta feature is designed to help brands predict the best time, frequency and channel to market to customers.
  • Content & Commerce AI: This beta feature includes guidance on variables that result in high performance, such as colors or subjects. It also automatically tags assets.
  • Leads AI: This beta feature uses real-time behavioral signals to help brands predict leads.

In other customer experience software news ...

Qualtrics Releases CoreXM Capabilities

Qualtrics, a customer and employee experience software provider, has announced a new collection of capabilities across CoreXM, a platform that manages experience insights.

New enhancements added to CoreXM include:

  • Ultimate Listening. Ultimate listening capabilities gather feedback from more than 125 data sources such as website feedback, voice conversations, questionnaires, online reviews, call transcripts and social media sites.
  • Predictive AI: This adds integrations with Qualtrics statistics analytics capability, Stats iQ, and its Text iQ text analytics solutions. It is designed to allow users to bring structured and unstructured data together.
  • Automated Actions: New upgrades added to Qualtrics XM Automated Actions include more than 40 workflows trigger actions like raising tickets, sending alerts, creating notifications and closing the loop with a customer or employee and others.

ActionIQ Partners with SparkPost

ActionIQ, a Customer Data Platform (CDP), has partnered with SparkPost, an email delivery and analytics engine. The integrated solution includes real-time email delivery, intelligence and personalization.

Justin DeBrabant, VP product at ActionIQ, said in a press release that many clients are “moving to a hub-and-spoke marketing stack, where data, intelligence, and orchestration lives within a centralized CDP hub, and the spokes are the delivery systems." SparkPost's platform can enable that model, he added. The partnership also includes real-time integration of sending and analytics. ActionIQ's platform can unify data to drive intelligence and cross-channel personalization, including in email, according to company officials. SparkPost’s deliverability analytics and intelligence feeds in real-time back into ActionIQ.

LinkedIn Launches Virtual Events

LinkedIn has launched LinkedIn Virtual Events for its LinkedIn Pages offering. This is an integration between LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Live and is designed to turn these two products into a new virtual events solution. LinkedIn Pages allows companies to build pages within the LinkedIn platform.

The new solutions includes the ability to:

  • Allow LinkedIn company page followers to choose live stream. Admins can leverage third-party broadcasting partners.
  • Share events to LinkedIn company page followers and send direct invitations to first-degree profile connections.
  • Post an update to a company page or event feed and recommend key posts for attendees to check out.
  • Create a dedicated hub for a company page’s organic video content that can be accessed by all members of a community.

Catchpoint Adds User Sentiment to DX Monitoring Platform

Catchpoint, which provides digital experience monitoring (DEM), has announced it has added user sentiment to its advanced monitoring platform. This new integrated capability is designed to provide enterprises with broader insights into the overall health and performance of all their digital services and applications. Organizations can monitor user sentiment, alongside synthetic, network, endpoint and real user monitoring.

Catchpoint also launched WebSee, a free resource that leverages the same user sentiment capabilities designed to help organizations and users respond to service outages. WebSee collects and analyzes global user sentiment data. Users can self-report issues with a website directly on the site or download a Catchpoint browser extension, which collects user metrics for any web app, and can report these metrics in real-time.

Allant Group Acquires CMO Labs

Allant Group, which provides data-driven marketing solutions, has announced it has acquired CMO Labs. CMO Labs has focused on providing marketing intelligence, analytics and a customer data platform Blueprint and Insights. Allant Group focuses on data integration and enrichment, CDP Implementation, analytics, modeling and journey mapping services.

Allant Group officials said the acquisition allows the company to advance its existing services in the CDP market including deploying CDPs, as well as gleaning better insights with its tag management and multi-touch attribution offerings.