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Act-On Software, which provides marketing automation software, has announced an integration with Zoom. The integration follows Act-On’s roll-out of the Automated Journey Builder earlier this month and is designed to allow marketers to promote and manage Zoom webinars from within the Act-On platform.

The capabilities include:

  • Automated workflows: Marketers can automatically pull contact lists and send invites, as well as track invite opens, click-through rates, registrations and attendance.
  • Integrated marketing campaigns: Marketers will be able to create, execute and measure complete marketing campaigns.
  • Predesigned, customizable content: Marketers can manage campaign communications with predesigned or custom webinar messaging.

In other customer experience and digital marketing software news ...

Amperity and Zendesk Partner for Customer Personalization

Amperity, a Customer Data Platform (CDP), has announced a partnership with Zendesk. Amperity will integrate natively with Zendesk's customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Amperity applies cloud-scale computing to aid users with resolving identity across systems without a common unique identifier, according to company officials. Amperity's systems can take raw data into individual profiles that can plug directly into the Zendesk open CRM software.

Customer service agents will have visibility into a condensed view of all the information the brand has collected about the customer through multiple systems, such as their last order, shipping and tracking details, loyalty status, satisfaction survey results, shopping preferences and more. Zendesk users can also use built-in insights like product recommendations, next best action and churn likelihood.

HCL Software Announces Volt MX

HCL Software, a digital experience software provider, has launched of HCL Volt MX, a low-code application development platform for delivering apps across multiple digital touch points with one platform.

Capabilities of HCL Volt MX include:

  • From native mobile to Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to wearables, developers can build once and deploy apps on one cloud-native platform.
  • Removing backend complexity and unlocking existing data and business processes.
  • Engage users with virtual reality, augmented reality and voice chat.  

HubSpot Introduces Marketing Contacts Pricing Model

HubSpot, which provides marketing and customer experience software, announced today the launch of marketing contacts, a new pricing model that allows customers to only pay for the contacts they want to market to via email or ads. Customers can also store up to one million contacts they don’t actively market to, such as unsubscribed and bounced contacts, for free.

Customers will be able to identify marketing contacts with an eligibility flow that surfaces all bounced and unsubscribed contacts, according to company officials. Customers also have the option to add custom filters and lists as needed. Customers can also set automatic categorization of marketing and non-marketing contacts.

Conversica Announces Virtual Assistant-Powered Website Chat

Conversica, which provides Intelligent Virtual Assistants software, has announced AI-powered, two-way conversations over chat for free via its Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs). Conversica IVAs can engage with website visitors and connect them to the information they seek via chat and use email and SMS to nurture them through a qualification process and qualified opportunities to customer-facing teams.

New customers purchasing a Conversica Intelligent Virtual Assistant will get website chat as a supported channel included. Conversica IVAs are built upon the Intelligent Automation platform, a combination of conversational AI, deep learning and process automation and support multi-channel conversations.

LinkedIn New Features Target Events

 LinkedIn Marketing Solutions has rolled out updates to its events capabilities to help organizations grow attendees and collect leads, and boost reach with ads and retargeting capabilities.

LinkedIn rolled out new organic discovery features like personalized event recommendations in users' “My Network” tab and a new weekly events digest email. When companies post an event from their LinkedIn Page, LinkedIn will automatically notify followers who are most likely to attend based on various criteria, including their interests. This will be rolling out in the next few weeks.

Treasure Data Releases Treasure Insights

Treasure Data, a CDP provider, has introduced new product capabilities in analytics. Treasure Data also announced 15 new integrations for a total of 170 connectors. Treasure Data also launched an in-store SDK (software development kit) that provides retailers a unified view of the shoppers’ journey.

Treasure Insights is a customizable and out-of-the-box dashboard accelerators for customer analytics. It gives brands a new suite of customer analytics that provide marketers with full visibility into customer behaviors and the effectiveness of marketing activities, according to company officials. The analytics updates include:

  • Enhancements to unified customer views with added visibility into behavioral attributes, content affinity, campaign engagements, purchase behaviors and more.
  • Audience segment demographics and behavioral attributes.
  • ML-driven insights on lifetime value, next best actions and churn probability.
  • Attribution dashboards leveraging the most commonly used models.

Alida Releases CXM Software

Alida (formerly Vision Critical) has delivered its Fall 2020 product release, launching two new Alida products. New products in the Fall ‘20 launch include the release of Alida CXM (Customer Experience Management) and Alida Analytics, both previously announced on Oct. 6.

Alida Sparq Fall 2020 enhancements include:

  • Calendar integration through Calendy that allows advocates to book interviews, product and concept walk-throughs, digital customer advisory board meetings and more.
  • Sample management to help administrators select the right members.
  • Mobile push notifications to create rules and set real-time alerts.
  • Text analytics improvements to allow multiple responses to the same individual activity.
  • Sensitive data redaction for users without sensitive data permissions, and more.