woodwing logo 2009.jpgRecently we talked about WoodWing’s digital magazine tools for the iPad. Since then, magazine and newspaper publishers around the world have launched more than 50 apps and published more than 350 digital publications for the iPad using WoodWing’s tools. While publishers are busy making their magazines come to life on the iPad, WoodWing has been busy updating and releasing more new features. Let’s take a look!

In a Not Too Distant GALAXY

At the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (IFRA) Expo earlier this week, WoodWing announced support for Android-based tablets, including the Samsung GALAXY Tab. Using the expo an opportunity to showcase its partnership with Samsung, WoodWing displayed its Digital Magazine tools using the first new-generation Android tablet. As one might imagine, becoming a multi-device tablet publishing company has its challenges.

Samsung´s GALAXY Tab is the first step into a multi-device tablet publishing world for WoodWing.

Operation systems can be quite similar, but when screen aspect ratios are different, the real fun begins! For this, WoodWing has developed unique multi-screen functionality to create high-quality designs for multiple screens without needing to duplicate and redesign layouts for each device or aspect ratio.

Slated to become available to customers starting this month, Samsung and WoodWing will be working together to bring digital publications to the GALAXY.

Newsfeed Publisher for Content Station 7.2

As WoodWing sees the popularity of its Digital Magazine tablet tools soar, having been adopted by various daily newspapers around the world, they thought it was time to create a high-quality designed tablet newspaper.

A new Newsfeed Publisher module has been added to Content Station, making it possible and efficient to access extended newsfeed functionality that supports both live newsfeeds as well as issue-based feeds that allow several outputs each day, like a morning, lunch and evening edition.

With Newsfeed Publisher module newsfeeds can be managed more effectively.

WoodWing also exhibited the latest versions of Content Station 7.2 and the Smart Connection 7.2 plug-ins, which have been designed to provide customers with the up-to-date publishing technology for use in conjunction with both Adobe CS4 and CS5, as well as with upcoming Adobe Tablet technology.

Overall, WoodWing is on the move. The future of digital publishing has never looked so holistic in its approach to cater to multiple devices while delivering an efficient and reliable content interface.