Quark (site, news) has been very busy this week, all in the name of digital publishing. At Untethered 2010, a digital media conference in New York that this year focused on Profitable Media in the Tablet Era, Quark announced a few initiatives aimed at making digital publishing more efficient for content creators and publishers across all platforms.

A New Strategy

First, the publishing software provider for designers and businesses alike unveiled a platform-independent strategy for helping publishers take advantage of Digital Publishing 2.0 for a new generation of digital devices.

Using Quark’s Digital Publishing 2.0 strategy, the publishing process is now automated. As a result, publishers can create design-rich and interactive content, automatically push out content to any media, including print, web and digital; and engage customers on any device, all through efficient and economic means.

Publishers don’t need to dwell upon the technological aspects of how their content gets out. Instead they can leave the advanced technology to Quark and focus on producing and enhancing their print content for digital devices by using QuarkXPress’s built-in interactive features to add slide shows, embed videoand create other interactive elements.

A New Partnership

Quark also announced a partnership between NFB Reading Technology, creator of the Blio e-reader application, and Baker & Taylor, the world’s largest distributor of physical and digital media products.

The partnership between the three companies aims to combine digital content creation, digital content distribution and the digital eReading experience so as to deliver the first complete solution for Digital Publishing 2.0.

Offering a variety of unique features, from video and audio clips, to interactive Web pages and integration with social media, among others, the comprehensive solution makes digital publishing 2.0 accessible to all content creators, including self and professional publishers; and interactive content available on all emerging technologies like the iPad, smartphones and web-based interfaces.

Perhaps most important, the partnership provides a new source of advertising revenue through digital books while making the process of converting print to digital publications affordable and timely.

Coming Soon

Quark is rolling out its digital publishing capabilities and partnerships throughout 2010 and beyond, while Quark will release its solution for publishing to the Blio e-reader application from QuarkXPress later this year.