posterous_logo1.pngAmong the 7 Ways to Blog Using Your Mobile Phone, which we wrote back in 2009, a few of them included emailing your posts directly to your blog. But what if everything you wrote, posted and created came only from your email? Well, then you’d have Posterous.

Post Things Fast and Free

Founded in 2008, Posterous lets you post things online fast using email. By emailing [email protected] with your text, photos, videos and links, you’ll receive an instant reply with your new Posterous blog.

There’s no sign up required (but it is available to users who plan to send more than just once from multiple email accounts), and you can even make your posts private so you can share them exclusively. However, because email is free and so is Posterous’ services, keeping afloat can be tricky. It’s not like you’re emailing them money, after all.

Funding & Future Plans

Yet, Posterous has been able to raise US$ 4.4 million in its first round of funding. Investors included Redpoint Ventures, Trinity Ventures and angels including SV Angel, Founder Collective, Lowercase Capital, Brian Pokorny, Aydin Senkut and XG Ventures.

Currently the San Francisco-based Posterous offers their free web publishing platform to 12 million unique monthly visitors and boasts 25 million page views, which put the unique blogging platform poised at a tipping point.

And there are plans to monetize a professional version of the platform later this year.

Autoposting, Widgets & Analytics

Posterous also lets users autopost to all the other social media services you already use, like Twitter and Facebook. As well, there are buttons and widgets, care of Widgetbox, to share your blog, and analytics to add via Google and Feedburner. Users can even create custom domains.

Posterous is really a one-stop show for bloggers, without any of the hassle of actually setting and laying it out. For this, we may add it to our list and make it number 8.