With publishers heading from paper to the iPad and other devices at speed, it's a good time for MediaBeacon (news, site) to make making the transition easier.

A New Media Trifecta

MediaBeacon does digital asset management, Adobe does design and WoodWing does enterprise web publishing. Put them together and you have a perfect storm for companies looking to transfer data from print sources to the many device formats springing up that have users crying out for properly formatted, well designed information.

The core of the new package is the integration of WoodWing's Digital Magazine Tools with Adobe InDesign to help create web, mobile and Apple iPad content just as designers did for print, using the same Adobe tools. Combine that with MediaBeacon's DAM tools and a company has all it needs to get publishing in any domain.

Keep It Simple

The Woodwing tools appear as new panels in the InDesign application, and many publishers may be already used to using them for print publications. Either way, it is no great challenge to get designers and users up and running. The tight integration is achieved through XMP-standard metadata, removing the need for plug-ins or extra custom code.


An example of Woodwing's Magazine Publishing Tools in InDesign for iPad

Digital media specialist, Aysling is another partner in this endeavour. The company was created by ex-Woodwing staff and is selling the package to customers as a seamless package. 

Divide By Device

With the iPad recording phenomenal sales, and every other tech company selling or preparing their own equivalent, like HP's upcoming Slate, Dell's Streak and ASUS' Eeepad, enterprises will want as quick a route as possible to get their content on each platform. Anything to ease that process will be welcome, so using existing tools or anything with an easy learning curve has to be of benefit.