MadCap Mimic 5.0 Sports Full-Motion VideoToday MadCap Software (news, site) delivered Mimic 5.0, the latest version of the multi-channel content authoring company's simulation and tutorial software. 

Built with authors in mind, Mimic 5.0 supports full-motion video (FMV), integrated playback controls, and packs usability improvements to the recording and compiling process. Here's a breakdown: 

Full-Motion Recording

Mimic now records entire movements with full video capture. This feature provides the ability to record YouTube videos, Window animations, animated dialog boxes, drop downs, and so on.

Authors can choose from three options: “Video Select” records the entire movie within a single frame, “Automatic Select” auto-captures images as the author performs actions in the recording area, and “Manual” enables authors to hand-select each new image to be captured during a recording session.

Playback Controls

Authors can now also embed common playback controls into the same Flash/ShockWave Flash output file as the movie. Previously, one needed to ship these controls out in a separate HTM file. 

Usability Enhancements

Three key features in Mimic 5.0 enhance usability:

Record Button: As you probably could've guessed, when authors click on this button, the recording session begins immediately.

System Tray: When an author wants to perform an action, such as pausing or ending the recording session, they can do so by using either the new system tray (which replaces the sidebar) or the temporary pop-up of keyboard shortcuts activated by clicking the "Record" button.

Save prompt: Don't lose your work! Authors are now prompted to save and name their movies as soon as they've finished recording.

“With version 5.0, Mimic significantly advances, not only the experience of the author, but also that of the user who ultimately views the simulation movies,” said Anthony Olivier, MadCap Software co-founder and CEO.

Look and Feel and Price

For those in the market for a different look, Mimic 5.0 also features some new skin enhancements. The “Fit to Movie” option automatically resizes the navigation toolbar to fit the width of the movie, and an embedded skin option for Flash output is now available. 

As far as money goes, the standalone Mimic package is priced at US$ 299 per single-user license. Or, you can grab MadPak, which also includes MadCap Flare, X-Edit, Capture, Echo and Analyzer, for US$ 1,299 per license. Check it out (or, be a smarty and start a free trial).