Analytics provider announced its flagship product Dash, moving the technology from beta status to general availability, in a supported content publishing system.

The company calls Dash a predictive content optimization platform that targets publishers with a purpose-built system offering deep web content analysis " a massive scale" with the promise of producing data insights that will optimize web content performance.

“We specifically built Dash to help online publishers answer the tough strategic decisions they make daily. The launch of Dash marks a huge milestone for and hopefully the publisher tool ecosystem at large,” co-founder and CEO Sachin Kamdar said. 

Indexing, Cross-Referencing

To get there, Dash targets existing web posts on a publisher's site, using deep indexing to process content with corresponding authors, topics, sections and referral sources. The technology generates "...predictive insights" such as trending data based on page views, which the company says will empower editorial teams to take action.

Dash Trend Analysis
Dash Trend Analysis

For example, an editor can leverage Dash’s "Webwide Trends" capabilities to identify a trending topic on the web, select the best writer for assignment and publish a new story before a topic reaches its peak. The editor could also find related archived stories and promote them based on their relevance and past performance.

Good, Better, Best Product Offerings

Pricing for Dash begins at US$ 499/month with add-ons that can add to the monthly costs. The company said its introductory “Track” package offers "core functionality" that includes visualizing metrics critical to content performance.

Upgrades include a “Plan” package that adds reporting, filtering and real-time global trend analysis. Top-tier “Promote” package provides an engagement feature with the ability to engage a publisher's "...most valuable influencers, identify viral content, and syndicate Dash data, using an application program interface (API) plus the use of email push alerts."

Installation of Dash requires no backend integrations or software to install. The technology is JavaScript tag-based, and publishers add the tag on the footer of their sites. This captures traffic information (with the promise of no site performance impact) with traffic data that is then "...transformed into predictive insights, visualized in real-time and delivered over a secure web interface," the company said. 

Dash is the first, but not the last product expected from The company said to expect multiple new products, currently in development.