Twitter Partners for Better Analytics, Improves Search
Twitter (news, site) got plucky this week with both a partnership with Mediasift and a long awaited revamp to its search tool.

Twitter + Mediasift

Twitter and MediaSift -- home of real-time social data mining platform, DataSift -- announced a data resell partnership at this week's Mission Bay Data 2.0 Conference. The alliance is similar to the one made with Gnip late last year, in that it make parts of Twitter’s firehose commercially available. 

While Gnip's focus was on bulk, DataSift’s talent lies in drilling data for specific information, such as positive mentions on Twitter accounts or Foursquare check ins. 

“[Mediasift will] serve the analytics market we can’t serve ourselves," said Ryan Sarver, Product Manager for Twitter's Platform / API team.

"Search like a pro"

Meanwhile, Twitter's engineers rolled out an update to the search tool that aims to simplify the process of finding new people to follow. 

When you search for a topic, now you’ll get suggestions of people and accounts that often tweet about that topic. For instance, a search for “content management” yields AIIM's John Mancini and Bryan Ruby of CMS Report within the right-hand column: 


Clicking on the "People" tab reveals additional suggestions within the left-hand side search results where recent tweets about the queried topic can be viewed and browsed. As a bonus, the microblogging plaform now features a tip with each search, and points users to a set of search operators and the advanced search page:


The change is considered a bit late by many, as "New Twitter" was released roughly seven months ago. It also isn't exactly at the "pro" level Twitter claims it to be in its official announcement -- the sheer amount of data within the platform is staggering, after all. Still, this is a nice addition and certainly a step in the right direction. 

What features do you  hope live in the Twitter pipeline? Let us know in the comments below.