Today's email inboxes are not the only points of contact that you have. Social networks also play this role, and this can include both personal and professional networks. With the need to manage multiple streams of communication and multiple communities, tools like Threadsy can prove to be useful, whether for personal or business use.

Threadsy works with the premise that you should "pull yourself together." Simply put, it's a service that pulls together information from your various communities and communication streams. This might include private sources such as Gmail, a Google account or an IMAP email account. This can also include public information streams, such as your Facebook and Twitter updates.

Adding Sources

Threadsy is currently a simple and straightforward message-managing service. It supports five main sources of data: Gmail, Google accounts, IMAP, Facebook and Twitter. Enter your desired source, and Threadsy will do its best to authorize your account from within the browser. No need to key in your password, which can be an insecure means of authorization.

 threadsy adding sources

Reading Messages

Messages and social network streams on Threadsy are displayed on separate columns. The main column consists of your defined email inboxes (Gmail, Google Apps or IMAP), with the messages consolidated in a list. Messages are displayed in a single item or non-threaded view, though, so Gmail users might take some time to get used to this system.

threadsy main screen

Threadsy reading messages

The sidebar, meanwhile, contains the social network streams and profile summaries. In inbox view, the sidebar contains your Twitter and Facebook streams, which includes status updates, retweets, replies and direct messages. The sidebar is contextual, in that when you open a message from the inbox, the sidebar turns into a profile bar for the message sender. Assuming the message sender is part of your network, or has social network profiles (on Twitter and Facebook), the "People" tab on the sidebar will display the sender's short bio, photos and status updates.

Conclusion: Great for messaging, but lacking in contact management

In summary, Threadsy is a good way to consolidate your inbox and social network streams. The service even integrates Meebo, which lets you connect to your instant messaging accounts within the browser. However, those looking for a social CRM will find Threadsy lacking in contacts management. Your contacts' profiles, photos and social network updates are available, but only when you open a message from them. Otherwise, there's no way to manage your contacts independently of the inbox. Still, Threadsy can be particularly useful for people who need to manage several email inboxes and several social networking profiles in one window.