This week, two of the biggest names in behavioral and web analytics partnered. Quantivo (news, site) and Semphonic (news, site) are coming together to offer what they call a turn-key behavioral analytics service.

Geared towards companies who want to take their online marketing capabilities to the next level, the partnership allows them to access Semphonic’s web analytics expertise and apply it to Quantivo’s customer behavior analytics solutions.

Knowing is Half the Battle

Knowing where users click on a site can only lead you so far. Knowing why they are clicking around a site in a certain way can help you make better decisions and enhance online customer experience.

Quantivo assists Semphonic with the behavioral heavy lifting, allowing users to identify important behavioral patterns at the visitor-level, a process that is often difficult, slow and sometimes unavailable with traditional tracking tools. Marketers now have an opportunity to make dynamic evidence-based predictions, conduct behavioral targeting and quickly adjust their business strategies to emerging trends.

Even the most advanced data needs interpretation, which is why companies can utilize Semphonic’s consulting services to help them better understand their customer analytics and develop best practices geared toward their industry and needs.

Leveraging Mindful Technologies

Combining two powerful minds is never easy. Yet working together, Quantivo and Semphonic are bound to make companies smarter, more strategic and better equipped to make decisions aimed at serving the customer. It also helps that Quantivo’s SaaS leverages the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) infrastructure, which is already used by leading retailers, media companies and B2B corporations.

With EC2 and their patented pattern-store database, Quantivo can quickly and effective answer complex customer behavior questions and identify connections between behaviors that can increase customer acquisition and retention, improve up-sells and loyalty and ultimately increase customer monetization.

By helping companies bridge the gap between behavioral and web analytics, Quantivo and Semphonic are not just providing valuable information, they are making it applicable, too.