Online Videos Increase Traffic, Conversions for RetailersSince we last reported on the state of video in e-Commerce, there have been quite a few developments that have influenced video use in the enterprise. In its quarterly report, SundaySky focused on the state of video in e-commerce websites in Q1 2011 and revealed that more retailers are embracing video as more customers are subscribing to online retailers’ YouTube channels.

Reap Video's Rewards

So what is about online video that entices customers and keeps retailers on their toes? The report suggests that videos are not just engaging; they can facilitate sharing and conversions, which of course facilitate the bottom line.


The report shows that 48% of retailers posted more than 100 videos on YouTube channels in the first quarter of 2011, as opposed to 42% in the last quarter of 2010. During the same period, the number of subscribers to online retailers’ YouTube channels increased by more than 20%. Yet, retailers aren't strategically using videos to drive traffic to their site, which suggests that retailers are not yet exploiting the obvious and accessible rewards of using videos on their sites.

Search Engine Optimization

To test the SEO effectiveness of online video use, SundaySky compiled and analyzed 34,000 top keywords within 17 categories (selected from’s top searches) and found that 18% of the keywords generated video results in search engine result pages. Of those videos that showed up, most were posted on YouTube. And perhaps most surprising, the report found that Bing, rather than Google, indexed more retailer videos, making it a preferred search engine for websites with videos.

Google experienced a decrease in the number of websites indexing 10 videos or more
Google experienced a decrease in the number of websites indexing 10 videos or more

Don't Ignore Video's Influence

While SundaySky’s video services help retailers engage customers through dynamic video production, even if you’re not in B2C marketing, B2B marketers may want to take note. If video can increase traffic, promote engagement and ultimately help convert customers, then it might be in every industry’s best interest to invest intelligently and strategically in video.