The final keynote of Monday’s Online Marketing Summit in Washington, D.C. addressed issues of privacy, trust, mobile, social, local and emerging trends.

Moderated by Aaron Kahlow, CEO at Online Marketing Connect, the panel featured:

  • Matt McGowan, Publisher & Head of US, Incisive Media
  • Marc Haseltine, Manager, Email Marketing, National Geographic
  • Jeff Ferguson, Sr. Director, Online Marketing,
  • Lynn Anne Miller, President, 4GreenPs & Strategic Marketing for Sustainable Brands and Founder,
  • Simon Heseltine, Sr. Marketing Manager, AOL Inc.

The panel talked about how emerging trends in online marketing are affecting campaign efforts and tips on how companies can stay ahead of the curve directly from those setting the pace and making the news. Here are a few of the questions (and the panelists’ answers) that were asked during the panel.

Q: What shouldn’t you do?

  • Don’t go after shiny things. Target the right customers. Don’t just go after the newest thing because it’s cool or trendy.
  • Don’t over-strategize. Set objectives and goals, but don’t over-think it.
  • Don’t wait too long to jump in. Paralysis by Analysis will cause you to miss out. Take the time to set the right metrics, so you can experiment more.
  • Don’t send out too many eNewsletters. Control the frequency and include options for users to customize accordingly. Make your emails follow a publishing on demand model. Don’t doubt the impact of a good, quality blog post.

Q: Is there a balance between ROI and marketing for creativity’s sake?

  • Most companies over measure. It’s not about how many Twitter followers you have, but about the engagement that ensues.
  • You may not need to inform the C-suite about click through rates, only about the stats that directly related to revenue growth and sales.

Q: How to develop a successful content marketing strategy?

  • Recruit eager, interested staff to help generate content. Promote it as a way to help them develop their online portfolio.

Q: How does a marketer justify their existence?

  • Use metrics, not just money, to tie progress back to the campaign goals.
  • Set expectations from the start.

Q: Is privacy dead?

  • Privacy isn’t going away. From a publisher’s perspective, transparency is key.
  • Don’t assume privacy. Blog, tweet, and update with caution and common sense.
  • Educate the consumer about how social media behavioral analytics work.

Overall, the Online Marketing Summit provided a great opportunity for internet marketers to learn more about emerging trends, technologies and strategies as they relate to email, social media and mobile marketing for B2B, B2C and enterprise level organizations.