Want to get your high quality video on Facebook?  Dyyno has a app for that, and it will let you distribute and generate revenue from your media.

Turn Facebook Into A Mini YouTube

Getting seen and making money on YouTube is now a tried and tested method of e-commerce, but transferring this method of Web engagement to Facebook -- where all the social action is heading -- isn't so clear. Dyyno, a company that has been providing cloud-based video distribution for a few years, now offers a free Facebook application to help out.

It offers a way for businesses that want to produce, distribute and monetize video for marketing and promotional efforts on the busiest website on the planet. Called the "Dyyno Live Video Streaming App on Facebook" it is highly scalable and can be managed by any level of user.

Watch Me, I'm A Video

From big brands to social groups, activists and events, anyone can get their video -- either live as it happens, or stored content -- up on Facebook without having to upload them to the site. Revenue can be earned by running adverts in the video stream, and fans, followers and others can spread your company's word with the usual Facebook like and sharing features.

The ability to stream live video would add a great deal of kudos and impact to event pages while enterprises could also use it to stream meetings, presentations and other content. With video becoming an ever-more important medium on the Web, Dyyno helps getting it to a wide audience less of a challenge.


Anyone can handle Dyyno's user interface

Forward to the Future

The company claims that it can handle any degree of interest, from hundreds of views up to millions, thanks to a peer to peer video distribution platform. Behind the scenes, doing all the leg work, is the company's Hybrid Reliable Streaming (HyReS) system. It supports video quality up to 1080p high definition and can scale dynamically as your audience grows.

Unfortunately, the Facebook videos can't play on the growing army of iPhones or other smartphones. Still, by saving the user from worrying about bandwidth, servers, video quality and networking issues, Dyyno becomes a practical tool that companies can use to tap the hundreds of millions of Facebook users, and their friends.